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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Nov 18, 2006 7:52 PM Flag

    A new dawn for America as the Democrats

    The first thing you want the democrats to do is to raise the minimum wage to $7.25/hour. This is a 41% increase. This act will probably be the biggest mistake the democrats will commit. Raising the minimum wage with the idea of helping laborers on the lower end is a false concept. This does three negative things: 1. Inflation, costs of labor and services are increased directly. 2. Dramatically increase the unemployment rate for entry level people.
    3. Creates an new class of poor, those that are on fixed incomes.
    Think of this. Individuals that have been on a job for a period of time and learned their skills and have received pay increases and are now making &7.25/hour, their pay is now entry level. They will not be getting a raise. Something doesn't seem fair. Wages and benefits should be between employer and employee. Who needs unions if gov't takes care of everyone?
    You also need to review your other wants.

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    • mguthrie Nov 19, 2006 11:26 AM Flag

      Don't confuse the liberals! They think that this is a fix. Artificially raising people's wages buys them votes.

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      • Question--35 years ago when I was working in factories and required to belong to unions, all of the pay scales in the local contract were specified in terms of multiples of the Federal minimum wage. Was this an anomaly in the industries I was in (paper workers and sheet-metal workers), a geographic phenomenon peculiar to the Chicago area, or an idea which was popular back then but no longer? If a significant number of union contracts is still being written that way, raising the Federal minimum wage without first decoupling other workers' wages from it will have undesireable effects.


      • All minimum wages are artificial, you nut. What are you arguing for, the total elimination?

      • A lot of ideas of liberals is very good, but minimum wage is not. It is more detrimental to the society than good. If the minimum wage law included coverage for fixed income groups and to increase wages for those that have been in the work force then it would/could be good. When you increase the minimum wage to upgrade one group of poor you create another. It also removes most incentives to work hard and learn your craft. As soon as you have moved up the pay ladder, min. wage is raised and has caught up with you and you are back at the bottom of the pay scale. (I've been there.)
        I've been waiting since 1949 for congress to pass a comprehensive health care plan. Each year congress upgrades their own plan an no balls to pass a national health care plan. Neither party has the balls to address and pass the hard issues.

    • Why be a fool about it. I was raised, bad to real blind but I see the meanings.

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