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  • putinisrussiandestroyer putinisrussiandestroyer Nov 30, 2006 12:09 AM Flag

    We need those immigrants


    Corporate America needs immigration of all kinds to lower costs. Americans aren't willing to work for $7.00 per hour.

    As President Bush said, "These immigrants fill jobs Americans won't do."

    Some examples:

    1. American bricklayers won't work for $7.00 per hour but these immigrants will.

    2. Landscaping work remains undone unless illegals come in and do it. College students and other young workers used to do it but they won't now if they are citizens.

    3. American carpenters, electricians, welders, plumbers are not willing to work for $7.00 per hour.... but Mexicans, Guatemalans, Pakistanis are willing to do the work.

    4. American software engineers aren't willing to work for $20/hour but India software engineers are willing to do the same for $7.50/hour to $10.00 per hour.

    For investors, it is of utmost importance to support Bush immigration policy to expedite profits and reap the rewards of such investments. In fact, companies that hire from outside or outsource to those low cost countries are doing what they should do.... lower costs. Americans are too expensive. Ask Bush, ask corporate executives. They are the smart ones who went to Yale, Harvard and Princeton.

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    • My belief is it is because they both work for the top 1%.
      Only the very rich win all the time Reps or Dems in office.
      Illegals keep wages low for avg. guy. In addition it keeps the masses under control about fighting over who should be in office etc.. In reality it doesn't matter.

    • Bricklayers... even if they are from Mxico make well above 7 bucks an hour. As do landscapers and Foreign software designers.

      Outsourcing is a good thing. Esspecially since Americans keep demanding for lower priced items. Most American salaries are overly bloated anyways which contributes to the high cost of American made products.

    • Both democrats and republicans do not have the backbone to stand up to do what is right.
      I do not wan't any of my tax money supporting 'illegals', regardless of where they come from or why.

    • I suggest that what you make over $7.00 an hour, use it to hire people to help do the work. That way you won't just be shooting your mouth off.

    • The Bush/Democratic policy is more about allowing millions of illegal aliens currently in this country to remain in this country through amnesty. Neither of them is serious about securing the borders so that we can control who is in this country and insist that they pay taxes like the rest of us. Perhaps you support the McCain/Kennedy proposal which wanted to give these folks credit towards social security even though they never paid a dime towards it. I believe most are not against immigration if it is managed properly. How many feet of that fence do you think will now be built, now that the Democrats control Congress?

    • The only Americans that are overpaid are the COO's & CEO's and there like.

    • You're right. Americans won't work for $7/hour. Why? You can get on welfare and receive much more and get to sleep in every morning. I know this for a fact. I was a welfare employee once and there were recepients that were taking home more spending money than some employees.

    • Corporate America needs immigration of all kinds to lower costs. Americans aren't willing to work for $7.00 per hour.

      As President Bush said, "These immigrants fill jobs Americans won't do."

      We ought to bring back to slavery. That'll bring the costs down.

      Let's get rid of child labor laws and start children working at 5 years of age.

      Let's do away with retirement for seniors. Work them until death.

      Let's get rid of OSHA and any safety rules. If they die on the job, so what, we have to lower costs.

      Pay workers 25 cents an hour to compete with Chinese labor. Let them live in cardboard boxes which will be provided by the government.

      Now do you know why everyone hates Repiglicans? They worship a God named "Profit." All other considerations are non-existent. Profit over people and screw the middle-class is their motto.

    • to support investment bankers and drive down wages of middle and lower class citizens, all right, just like we need OBL. Chaos and debt will do wonderful things to America.

      BTW, where in Hell did you find a Mexican licensed electrician working in the US for $7/ hour?

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