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  • dzeeman5000 dzeeman5000 Dec 19, 2006 8:24 AM Flag

    Poverty in America continues to grow.


    According to the University of Michigan, and the National Poverty Center, poverty has shown a steady rate of growth under Bush. The National poverty rate in 1993 was 15.1%. From 1993 to 2000, the rate of poverty fell from 15.1% to 11.3% in 2000. This was under the Clinton Presidency. Since 2001, the national rate of poverty has grown each and every year. This stems from the U.S. Governaments inability to fund programs that help the unfortunate. With the reckless and irresponsible spending by Bush, and the $10 billion a month we're spending in Iraq, we can't even fund the V.A. programs for returning vets. Thanks Mr. Bush for helping destroy America, the Country that used to be the land of opportunity.

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    • here is the liberal democrat university studying this ,useless crap,these are the wealthy,peoples children,s save the planet,with useless al gore ,& jesus crap ,the lazy blacks,25% are criminals ,rap music & crime ,gangs,theifs,taggers, drugs!illegal wet backs ,terrorists ,queers,! yes feel sorry for them ,they all milk it !get rid of these types !clean up the united states !don't be a democrat liberal! the death penalty,sure might put a thought in a dumb ass's mind !who needs these worthless people? last month some lady is suing ford for 80 millon because she crashed her car and the roof wasn't good !so another wheelchair milker big money ,and she will be big and fat with money, and a handicap parking sticker!

    • billi, why don't you apologize for all your lies? BTW, is it true you've been sucking Bowers off? There must be something about a man in uniform that turns you on, even if that uniform is the Camp Fire Girls.

    • Sq, read this, if you want. Not as proof of anything, but here's a board discussion addressing the numbers of "disabled" coming out of Iraq. Anecdotal evidence, all, but one fellow wrote this as his own personal experience:

      "Actually, and I know this from experience, it's always been a high number whether we're at war or not. We get partial disability for just about anything when we get out that wasn't present before we went in. I got partial disability for high blood pressure, depression, and resperatory problems, and I never even went and I feel fine. I don't rate disability payments, but I am listed at the VA as partially disabled. Hell, half the people I knew that got out of the Marine corps after a lengthy stay got partial disability for knee and back problems. This is just reporters mininterpreting what they're reading because they don't know the facts about disability benefits upon discharge. That was a bad move ignoring jwreck. He knew what he was talking about. And yeah, this is medical information that the VA shouldn't be giving out. Why is that hard to understand? Do you really think the VA should be giving out my information? There are a couple things in my med record from my time overseas before I was married that I'd prefer not letting the entire world know about. They have no obligation to go through our records to satisfy your hunger for statistics either."

      So while IN GENERAL I agree with all the veterans' benefits, there's certainly a valid, opposing view, that they don't all deserve lifetime preferences in hiring, and certainly not in contracting. I'd say many of them got way more than they deserved.

    • Isn't this the overall plan by the extremists of the world-- to financial cripple the USA into submission?? Or if that doesn't work, maybe the people will stop paying their taxes when they can no longer afford their homes or even the food on the table.

    • billi, it's more than obvious that Square Rigger is much more on the ball than you are. If there's one thing he does not need, it's you interpreting my messages for him. He's never ticked me off, because he's one of the few on here who can disagree with me, and present his argument in an intelligent way, based on something beyond infantile emotionalism. You, on the other hand . . .

      BTW, just out of curiousity, why would you claim that you "hate to say this?" I guess after you've been a liar and a hypocrite for so long, it just creeps into everything you have to say?

    • Sorry, billi, but yet again you're fabricating bullshit that I never said. That's the one thing you have in common with George Bush. You see what you want to see, you imagine what you want to imagine, regardless of the cold facts.

      Quote to me anywhere I said my friend was an innocent victim of circumstance.

      Quote to me where I said my friend didn't know any better.

      Quote to me anywhere that I said it was OK for him to do this.

      And no, I never defamed Bowers. I said he's sucking off the Government teat, and he is. Truth is never defaming, not that you'd understand that.

      Once again, billi, you'll say anything at all to support your prejudices, won't you? BTW, yes, you can continue to kiss my ass, since apparently you're into that sort of thing.

    • On top of that and after he has helped and had this war for the oil companies and to keep us dependent on oil, which means our continuing to be on and buy oil from most of these countries that support terrorist we are financing both sides of the war. After this guy is finally done if the country is still in existence there will be buildings and things named after this worst president this country ever had. This country continues under him to be in a self destruct mode. Just as Ford and GM as they have been in bed with and slept with the oil companies now they are dying of AIDS. They can't figure out that Toyota and Honda are making safe, quality, economical, good mileage vehicles that are dependable and last. That is why TM & HMC will be over taking these old American icons.

    • No, the entire point of "social programs" is to gain votes. Welfare, Johnson's "Great Society", effectively replaced the head of the house with a welfare check, and virtually destroyed several generations of mostly urban families. We're still dealing with the aftermath and the 'victim/entitlement' mindset

      The 'poor' in this country have a hell of a lot more than those in ANY other country -- including free healthcare. There aren't too many homes without TV's, GameBoys, Wii's, running water and toilets.

      Those on the street are another matter. Most of these are mental cases, addicts, and substance abusers.

      Enough of your limosine liberal BS

    • University of Michigan. In the worst state behind even Missippi and New Orleans. Thanks to a democrat governor that will finish the job in the next 4 years. then we will really be in the hole.

    • Geez, Joe. For a dippy ass lawyer, you can sure act naive when you want to. Your friend is just an innocent victim of circumstance and did'nt know any better. Therefore, it's OK for him to get that nice government check for getting his shoulder dislocated while being thrown out of a German bar. Oops. I mean while he was rolling around a huge tire. LOL. And you defamed Bowers? Who was disabled in Viet Nam? Joe, the more you open your mouth, the more foot you put in it. You owe Bowers an apology. Give it to him, and then do us all a favor and get the hell out of here. your hypocrisy is hard to bear.

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