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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Jan 2, 2007 6:09 PM Flag

    Iraqi immigrants!

    (FOX News.) Ted Kennedy is in the process of having congress to lower restrictions for Iraqi's to immigrate to the U.S. He wants at least 1,000,000 Iraqi's to immigrate here. At the rate of illegals and the number of legals entering the country we are in big trouble. Taxes for citizens are going up, up, and up. Extreme liberals are going to be the ruination of this country.

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    • Yea, I know, and you sound like a Saudi prince complaining that gasoline went up from 12 cents a gallon to 16 cents a gallon. Don't expect much sympathy when you're wealthy, and live in the country that has the cheapest food on earth.

    • Actually, in some way we are. Bush attached riders to all U.S. international aid money, saying it could NOT be used for any sort of birth control other than to preach abstinance.

    • Prices go up, billi, get used to it. If you didn't have food to cry over, you'd be crying over energy costs. If it wasn't energy costs, you'd be crying about the high cost of health care. What amazes me is that you're apparently blind to the sprialing cost of our debt, which George Bush has run up by literally trillions of dollars. Why is it that doesn't alarm you? Because you only cry about things that affect you personally, and you don't give a shit about forcing a future generation to pay it off. Same ol' same ol'.

    • No, billi, not everybody should quit bitching. Just you. You claimed you earned over $100K a year for a majority of your working life. If that's something other than bullshit (which I doubt), then your whining about the cost of food is pathetic. When it comes to increasing the minimum wage for the poorest laborers you're against it, when it comes to cutting taxes for the wealthiest 1%, you're in favor of it, but you're crying about the cost of beef broth? If I didn't know better I'd think your name was Marie Antoinette.

    • Congress will address the issue of allowing a million or more Iraqi refugees into the country, not immigrants. (FOX News)

    • That post of yours just earned you "Dumb Poster Of The Year" award. :>D

    • Towel, TJoseph has some advice for you. He says:

      "For most people, putting food on the table is a relatively minor expense. In some countries, it's over half your take-home. Beef prices have gone up a lot, and also seafood. Eat chicken."

      Bottom line, we should all quit complaining, food is really a minor expense. And if you have to eat something, eat chicken. ;>D

    • I was talking about the spiralling cost of food in the last three years. Not myself. But if you choose to use that as an opportunity to call me names, be my guest. Shows what little class you have.

    • TJ, the man just told you the same thing I did. One does'nt have to be impoverished to notice the spiralling cost of food nowadays, and its implications on everyone. I made a fair and honest observation, and last I heard, at least in this country, one has a right to make observations, regardless of financial state. You're just shuck and jiving Joe, just like you always do. That's why you earn the title of bull crapper.

    • Cheer up. Someday the kids will be out on their own, and your food bill will be so insignificant as to be practically unnoticed. On occasion we have an expensive dinner out, but other than that, our food costs are so trivial they don't even register. It seems as if I spend more on drycleaning than on food.

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