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  • brokebacktjoseph brokebacktjoseph Apr 9, 2007 9:52 AM Flag

    TJ here's your Iranian NUKES

    Iran says it's able to make nuclear fuel By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer
    10 minutes ago

    NATANZ, Iran - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday Iran is now capable of producing nuclear fuel on an "industrial scale."


    The announcement followed another one indicating Iran is prepared to start "industrial scale" enrichment of uranium, made by the vice president. The move expands a key nuclear process that the United Nations has demanded the country halt

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    • A. True- FDR was President at the start of WWII.

      B. Germany declared WAR on us. I'm sure you knew that.

      Given that you are so far off on B, the others are not worth comment.

      Check your history!!!

    • I am not being combative by asking you to be more precise. If the devil is in the details, then the temptation is in the obfustication. Enriched uranium has uses besides making nukes, and the ability to enrich uranium does not automatically mean one also has the ability to make a nuke.

      The "experts" in this case are conjecturing. Even if 3,000 is an accurate number (doubtful), without knowing the size of the centrifuges that's kind of a meaningless number. Do you know how fast you have to spin one of those to enrich uranium?

    • Doubts remain over Iran's nuclear claims By GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press Writer

      VIENNA, Austria - Is Iran bluffing about the progress of its nuclear program? Experts and some world powers are expressing doubt that the country has been able to assemble the complicated system it needs to enrich uranium � a potential pathway to nuclear arms.

      If true, Iran's revelation Monday that it now has 3,000 centrifuges producing enriched uranium brings the country a giant step closer to being able to produce the nuclear material for a bomb. But the inaccuracy of some past claims � and Iran's present drive to defy the U.N. Security Council � has fed skepticism.

      Experts say 3,000 centrifuges would be more than enough for at least one nuclear weapon a year should Iran decide to make bombs instead of its professed goal of generating power.

      By the way, enriched uranium,nuke, get a grip and stop being so combative.

    • There is nothing suspicious about Iran's announcement. BTW, learn the difference between "enriched uranium" and "nuke." In any case, if I were a nation on Bush's list of "axis of evil," I'd announce that I had a nuke too. It seems to be the only way to ensure the U.S. will leave you alone.

    • Whom do you think the US government is more afraid of?

      The terrorists, Iran, China, Russia, or the financial/industrial moguls?

      Washington fears the likes of CitiGroup, Chase, and Morgan-Stanley more than they fear anything else.

      The financial/industrialist are financial allies to China, and an attack on China is an attack on them and their assets.

      China has the leverage, and it has been at war with the US since 1949 - nothing has changed except the weapons and their allies. They also have a good hold on our technology industry within the US.

      People who start lobbing nukes around or attacking other countries with powerful allies will have much to account for to enemies and allies alike, and it's anybody's guess where or how it may stop.

    • As this "war" also has proved, defeating a "military" is distinctly different from defeating a "populace."

    • republicansarenotchristians republicansarenotchristians Apr 10, 2007 9:53 AM Flag

      You can defeat the military by air, but as this war has proved, you can't win a war without enough feet on the ground.

    • The maniacs over there will be lobbing nukes around before you know it. Where do you think they'll test their new technology?
      The timing of Irans nuclear advances announcement is suspect. Do they also see all the big guns bearing down on them?

    • One problem, actually several, is the claim that overwhelming air power can defeat a country. It's been claimed many times, but it's never been proved true - except in Japan using nuclear weapons. And that was only after a long conventional fight.

      If the US used nuclear weapons in concert with Israel, you'd better be prepared for a thumping from someone, because the world isn't going to stand by and take it.

      Taiwan would certainly be at significant risk, and so would sanctions against the US by China. They've got billions of dollars in oil contracts with Iran, and they've got new contracts for oil with Venezuela. China could certainly inflict crippling monetary pain on the US without firing a shot.

      The US would become the absolute rogue nation of the world with the first US delivered mushroom cloud over Iran.

      Talk and bluster is cheap, but the payback for it has been proven time and time again to be anything but cheap.

      So far, Bush has proven smarter than following Kabookie's plan regarding Iran - let's hope he keeps being smarter.

    • Well said kabook. It's amazing to me that some on this board who claim to be critical thinkers, and continually demean others for their points of view, can't put the big picture together for themselves.

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