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  • dems_please_fix_america dems_please_fix_america Jul 27, 2007 12:53 PM Flag


    man you are a stupid fuck

    most people are stuck in the nasdaq and need that to be at a record high not the dow, which is full of old drunk republicans that will die most likely before the next election.

    Clinton cares about the middle class and poor and you can't understand why she should because she is rich.

    The reason is she has a heart and is a proud, strong woman and not a pos do as I say, not as I do republican.

    More scandals, lies and changing of the constitution has occured under Bush then any other president, he is the worst and most hated by his own people, not just the rest of the world, he is the most stupid evil person breathing.

    He does not even have the dignity to let his people speak, he probably threatens their life instead,or they just don't want to look like a suicide or car accident if they cross him.

    Our president protection people are week and unamerican or they would have fixed the situation he has rigged over and over again, rig the election, write new laws and rules to keep him from being impeached, daddy is not proud and if he is, he must have lost his mind.

    Did I mention you are warped right wing, scripted fox news fool and stubborn jackass, you think putting a Bush sticker on your car makes you cool or popular, might as well hang a I sold out for the money, or I'm stupid and can't think for myself on your car.

    When I see a rich person in a brand new luxury car with impeach bush on his car, I say their is a true american not influenced by lies and storytime.

    taxcuts for his oilbuddies and loopholes big enough to drive the whole taliban thru, bleed the middle class and the poor master, and dumb as fuck, cheney is the mastermind and I think 911 was an inside job, high school physics showed you a building freefalling like that is impossible, charges were set off and explosions were screamed by reporters on the ground, "wow that exposion was incredible."

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