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  • questioner775 questioner775 Sep 7, 2007 10:44 AM Flag

    Just for fun - October 12th - over/under date for breaking under $7

    Just for fun - setting an estimated date for the day that Ford will drop below the next even dollar amount. For instance, with October 12th as the day then people can guess whether Ford will go below $7 before or after that date. If it breaks below $7 before that date then the game is over and we can set a new date for breaking $6. If it somehow stays above $7 until October 12th then we can set a new date and pick again on breaking below $7.

    So, with October 12th as the date and $7 as the price to break - what's your guess - before or after?

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    • BEFORE - and below $5 by the end of the year when tax selling starts dropping it quickly and the panic begins.

      Saying that Ford is only dropping because of the economy is dead wrong. GM's sales are up significantly while Ford's sales continue to tank. The Fed can cut rates 15 times and Ford will continue to go down the toilet. The competition keeps getting tougher while Ford's management keeps lessening this company's ability to compete.

      Management has turned this company into a political vehicle focused on making "politically correct" statements rather than a company focused on sales and profits. Look no further than this message board for evidence. It is amazing that a company which is LOSING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS thinks that it can afford to contribute millions to whatever politcal statement the homosexuals in charge feel like contributing to today.

    • There is no doubt in my mind that below $7. will happen before the end of this year. Poor management is to blame.

      The strong boycott (due to Diversity Program which hires and promotes salaried employees based upon skin color and sex rather than experience and qualifications as well as no dividends for shareholders) is taking its toll upon company sales and earnings. New lows are on the way. Just wait and see.

    • AFTER

      The only thing that could drop it below $7 that quick is the economy. After a few Fed rate cuts the economy will turn and people will start buying again!

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