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  • dzeeman3000 dzeeman3000 Aug 16, 2008 10:21 AM Flag

    Obama Nation debunked as lies and propaganda.


    Too bad the Repigs failed in their latest swiftboating challenge, this book is now being laughed at nationwide and only the blind sheep are buying it from their Reich-wing churches that hate America and our democracy.

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    • Fact checkers have labeled this book as lies and propaganda. Anyone with an I.Q. above 80 knows that for a fact. Those with an education are laughing at this book for its approach to journalism and the lack of facts and truth in this creation from a Reich-wing nut-job.

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      • Think about it. What BO and Hillary are espousing, health care, education, more money for the poor, etc. are things that this country needs, but these goals all spell socialism or communism and failure. I'm sure you would like to see all people educated/healthy, every one a doctor or lawyer, but if so who will do the dirty work, now the low paying jobs. IF we have people to do the diry work, then their salary is the same as the doctor/lawyer. Again, think about it, in order for the world to work there must be inequality.
        Welfare systems produce people like me that can see one being better of on welfare programs than working. Today our welfare system pays more cash and benefits for a family than they can receive by working on a low paying job. These are the things BO and Hillary are wanting to increase. Let's elect them and I may be eligible for welfare.

    • Staying in charactor I see....anything not socialist/communist/dumbocrat are 'Lies & Propaganda'....well you just keep righ spouting that and the public will keep right on ignoring you. Nut case!

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