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  • ehstermessedher ehstermessedher Nov 9, 2008 10:17 AM Flag



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    • I am beginning not to recognize this country any longer.

      The Obama supporters are acting crazy. Anyone who opposes Obama is an outcast and shunned. My neighbor doesn't speak to me any longer because I voted for McCain.

      Something is wrong with this nation.

    • You would say that about someone who says that his goal is to END World Hunger? 50,000 people in the World die every DAY from starvation. Obesity is the number ONE Health Problem in the USA and you CAN see that is true evry day here! Notice how those very large people in those very large vehicles ALWAYS park as close as they can to the store entrance at the Shopping Center. Why, because they are preserving their body fat.

    • I never thought someone could look so slick and smooth and be so dangerous. If Hitler could do it then Obama can do it.

      the media back him
      people blindly following him
      great orator
      empty promises

    • Lincoln promised change too. And he kicked Southern Ass.

    • Obama and Hitler both started out with "change" as the campaign speech.
      Obama and Hitler both came into power in very bad economic times.
      Obama and hitler both have smooth empty words.
      Obama and Hitler both had VERY large followings that could not see through him.
      Obama and Hitler both had a "symbol" they used.

      I am sure there is more. All we are saying is watch. Don't say "it is not going to happen to me". Don't be blindsighted. I am sure you are all aware but Clinton starter the Bank Affirmative Action which FORCED banks to give loans to underqualified people. Obama lead a lawsuit against Citigroup accusing them of not giving loans to a certain group of people. The republicans tries at least 3 times to get tighter regulations on this but the Dems shot it down. In the meantime, Obama's financial advisor is getting huge payouts from Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae also gave Obama 49 times the money for his campaign than McCain. Obama was in on the money making scheme from the beginning and now is trying to come out looking a hero for saving people. If he had any morals at all he would not have been involved in that whole scheme to begin with. Now, he is one the reasons people's 401K's are depleted and he is trying to come in a "rescue " people from Bush. He is a liar, schemer, swindler, and thief. It amazes me how many people will not get in and do research about him. They just float along on the bubble of false hope. Makes me sick! Just watch. Be on your guard!

    • Actually James Dobson is the wolf.

    • I hope you are correct. I share this view as well, but I do plan to be extremely watchful as to his use of power.

      The Dems stealing my 401K plan is very scary and I am going to watch it's dicussions very carefully as well.

    • See this is what you are up against which makes be believe it could happen. these people are so blinded by their and I quote "messiah/savior" (their reference not mine) they cannot even leave the tought open to question his actions or to at least watch them carefully.

      I am here to listen to what you have to say. I am very suspisious of a man who is so well spoken with empty words that it seems to mezmorize his audience.

      That my friend is a comparrison to Hitler.

      No I am not saying Obama is the next Hitler, but Americans who love freedom should remain watchful and be ready to raise a fight to control anyone who threatens the Constitution!

      Our military swore an oat to defend the Constitution against all enemies foriegn and DOMESTIC!

      I will be the first to join with you in the fight if we see conclusive proof of misuse in power. Obama's first actions are to be a series of Executive orders, not my scare tatics these are headlines from the liberal news media who support him. We will have to see how intrusive these action are.

      I fear any President/leader that threatens to remove weapons from it's civilian population. We have to wait and see again.....

      On a good note gun sales are way up!
      Get your AR15's before they are outlawed!

    • They wanted to kill 25 million people? Does Bill Ayers still work with Obama?

      I hope not.

      God Help Us!

    • This isn't true - no way this could happen.

      That was a long time ago.

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