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  • bushbot94 bushbot94 Dec 6, 2008 1:34 PM Flag

    I swear before all of you RIGHT NOW....................


    I will never buy a car from any auto company that accepts public funds. NEVER. Neither will my kids.

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    • I guess you and yours will be walking. Look deep into the tax system and you will find some public funds getting into the coffers of almost all businesses.

    • i am going to buy a ford tuesday with all the money i will make....
      bought 7000 shares at 1.88 I am selling at 5...maybe more......yehaaaaa

    • what cars have you bought?

      You know F and GM have both taken money in the past, right?

    • Your a Joke. Toyota gets kick backs, tax breaks that cover the cost of building factories and just plain old hand outs and you won't help Americans keep jobs. The American autos will pay back the loans. This will give the Government a profit. The TARP money is a loss to banks. 600 trillion in Derivatives and 700 billion in a BAIL OUT. Is Henry P. leveraging that bail out money??? Most likely. . . .

      Right Now, It's about jobs for the Tax Base. So, Pull you head out of your butt. Things can get bad and that bring crime rates up. So, rich guy, your in this mess, too.

    • Nothing wrong being a landlord. I am a homeowner. Not a renter. And I do know what landlords put up with. I hear all the time from my cousins. Its a full time job with 27 houses.

    • Wow!! Let's see, Toyota got State funds (public money) from Kentucky, Texas, Michigan and Alabama for their assembly and RD operations in those states. Honda got big money from both Indiana and Ohio for their assembly operation. BMW got a lot from S. Carolina to build there. Hundai also got state money to locate in the south. VW, oh yeah, Tenn. gave them an big incentive package to build there. Nissan, yep, Tenn. again kicked in big with state monies. All that is public funding. Me thinks you are running out of choices of vehicles to purchase. I guess you will be looking at a Chinese import, at least for now. Learn the facts about public funding before you pop off. Like so many you are ill informed on the issue.

      Fred Fliver

    • What an idiot you are....stop posting stupid thread. You are humiliating yourself.

    • Ah go fuck yourself!

    • I will never buy a car from any auto company that accepts public funds. NEVER. Neither will my kids. Rating :
      (4 Ratings)
      I don't know of any auto manufacturer foreign or domestic that has not held local government to ransom in locating an assembly plant. These concessions are paid for by local taxes are they not, just how dumb are you?
      I just love this following statement from kabookie, I will include it with all messages just for laughs.

      kabookie, I do not believe you are in a position to call anyone foolish.

      Read and reread the last sentence you wrote,
      "If you are wrong in your opinion, and the Kabook is right (he is), then when you die, your proverbial tit is going to be in the proverbial ringer, and you will be without excuse."

      Is that what you have been taught, that you will go to Hell if you don't toadie up to your so called deity, brown nose your way to Heaven is it, and you think this is O.K. YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING...........

    • You are a boned headed, toothless, no neck, intellectually challenged moron,. Oh and here is a freeby for you -- don't swear, it isn't nice.

      From a college degreed proffessional non union management employee that needs to remind you that the only reason you are able to pay your bills doing manuall labor cleaning toilets, is because you have benefited by the past union sacrifices --- just as I have. ---------- bonehead!

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