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  • andym_30054 andym_30054 Jan 12, 2009 6:03 PM Flag

    Republicans follow Rush off the cliff!

    I listened to Rush rant and rave about Barack's inaguration and chide Barack about the fact that there are still over 600 vacant hotel rooms in the district as if Barack's popularity with the people has anything to do with how many folks can get to D.C..

    We work, we hope for a better day and Rush you can go to hell!

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    • gardie1 Jan 12, 2009 9:00 PM Flag

      I wouldn't listen to Rush, I would a lot rather have a guy piss on my boots an then convince me its raining. A lot easier to explain why your feet are wet.

    • on the other hand, these bums continue to drive this country right over the cliff...

      nancy pelosi
      harry reid
      barney frank
      john kerry
      ted kennedy
      chris dodd
      joe biden
      chuck schumer
      maxine waters
      henry waxman
      john dingell
      barbara boxer
      diane feinstein
      dick durbin
      charlie rangel
      john murtha
      john lewis
      william jefferson
      bh obama (acorn)
      the clintons

      all those policies set in place which are now wreaking havoc across this country are not policies of "rush"; the financial disaster we see going on all around us is the result of failed lefty risky schemes/policies...they all belong 100% in the lefty camp.

      these bums are still up to their eyeballs in favors to/from the uaw; these bums are being joined by lefty reinforcements to wreak even more havoc across the country; these bums are still burning thru trillions at the drop of a hat; these bums need to be cut off, dried out and sent to rehab for the rest of their sorry lives.

      big-gov/lefties are a menace.

    • Why would anyone admit to calling themselves "ditto heads"? Rush lies, deceives or conveniently omits information every time he opens his pork rind filled mouth.

    • Ditto..

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