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  • vicis_mos_dico vicis_mos_dico Jan 25, 2009 8:52 AM Flag

    Unions Forced Management to Outsource


    Greedy bastards did this to themselves. Just look at the productive, profitable transplant factories in right-to-work states if you don't believe me.

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    • The top 10 most productive plants in the U.S. and Canada are UAW represented.Union workers can and do wipe the floor with non union workforces. UAW have something to work for and will always be more productive.

    • Sure flame-boy, I believe you. Maybe you didn't get the memo, Toyota is laying-off, Honda is postponing a new plant and Mercedes is offering buy-outs.

      One has to wonder: what happens to laid-off employees in states where one has the "right to work"?

    • you worrying about keeping the knowledge in house is unfounded. i have news for you the little 3 have no knowledge. their knowledge is about as valuable as a uaw members skill, it is 0.

    • I am educated but do not begrudge people a living wage. I think it creates for a civil society. I immigrated to this country 15 years ago. The decline in healthcare etc is affecting everyone even the educated. Unfortunately I think both parties are against the bottom 95% of the people and that includes those with or without degrees. With a degree you may have a higher paying job, but you can be let go at will for no reason. What you have is your marketable skills and ability to find another job. The political parties are now serving only the multinational corporations and the executives that manage them. Americans need to start seeing themselves as citizens of the world. Nobody demonstrates here I have noticed. The only other option is to leave. And I am currently investigated that as all other developed countries have humane healthcare.

    • I think the UAW are a bunch of dumbasses. That said outsourcing has not been a general success. It provided temporary profits but long term losses. American companies were much healthier 30 years ago before the outsourcing. People were able to use the base skills that were 'created' through outsourcing and the virtual corporation that made it much easier to start new firms as competitors of the outsourcers. Now America is finished because of that. Hyundai took advantage of that technology knowhow leakage and now has a best in class vehicle ( that is cheaper than all the competitors (including the Japanese, Americans and Germans).
      They outsourced jobs so executives could get bonuses, and then the outsources came back with new competitors
      "What goes around comes around"

    • Here's a little more info from a local conservative paper.

      read it if you dare!


    • You need to look at both sides of a picture. The problem belongs to both union and mgt. Union wants its members to make as much per hour as possible and mgt wants to make as much profit as possible. Stupidity of union demanding more than mgt wants to pay for labor. This has caused mgt to look for cheap labor elsewhere. This behavior is detrimental to both.
      EX. Interview with a Wal-Mart official showing a Chinese doll for sale at $19.95 made by very cheap labor. He stated the same doll made in the US would cost $79.99.
      You can't have cheap products from high wages. Idiotic to think other wise.

    • Without unions we would be a third world low paying country.Do you think greedy CEOs would voluntarily pay a livable wage without unions around?Even the right to work states dont want people to be able to stand up for themselves.A lot of people now a days feel it is easier to get under the bosses desk than to stand up for themselves and others. The problem with the big 3 is management was willing to give into the wage increases and the employees were willing to accept (who wouldn't )I personally know 2 people that were let go after 10 - 15 yrs of service just to be replaced by people willing to work for less,it happens daily.They have both been rehired somewhere else but forfeited 15yrs of their working lives just for the greed of managementThe big 3 have got to start rethinking the reason of a union.Not for me me me but for the rights of all the working people in this great country.I retired from a union shop after 33 yrs and get about a third of what a Gm or Ford worker would get in retirement,my wages were a little less than half.Complaining - - nope- - just very thankful to be able to realize the fruits of my labors,and fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to enjoy. People need unions as much as unions need people

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      • CEO Allan gets 50 million in 2 years.

        And ignorant people both blame the UAW union


        the workers.

        Unbelievably misinformed. Wages being tight is the problem today in that there is nothing left after bill are paid.

        The biggest Banks in the country are broke.....was that the workers fault too?

        Of course not.

    • FORD recently announced two new manufacuring plants for its most successful car.........

      One in China......... 2nd in Mexico!!!!!!!!!

      Thnaks UAW for making jobs creation a reality..
      ......... in foreign countries!!!!!!!!!


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