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  • augustlipps augustlipps Feb 13, 2009 5:34 PM Flag



    Spent on Iraq so far....

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    • Well... The country does have about
      120,000,000,000.00 barrels of oil reserves.

      Works out to $5 a barrel premiun + cost.
      I wonder what the US pays for it?

    • What do you build lego models. You're an architect as much as George Bush was a great president and earned a college degree on his own.

    • "Support the troops, but not the war".
      Then vote to cut the funding for the troops while they are in the battlefield.
      Oh yeah, the DemoFacists love the military.

    • You are correct I am no longer an architect in Florida. I am now an architect in Michigan.

    • And 25,000,000 million people free to make their own choices! With your figure that works out at a cost of $24,000.00 a hell of alot less than Obama's $206,000.00 per job for 4 million jobs!

    • We liberals aren't going to take any more of your ignorant ranting and raving.
      You've shot yourselves (plus the rest of us and the rest of the world) in the foot, yet
      your mouths are still open all the time and the red neck bellowing continues. Even in the face of worldwide financial collapse brought about by 28 years of wrongheaded economic and social policies.

      Together, the two Bushmen have destroyed as many Iraqis as Sadam Hussein did - approximately one million more. Plus the two to three million Iraq refugees who have had to flee the country under Bush 43 - voted in twice by you unrepentent mental lightweights.

    • republicansarenotchristians republicansarenotchristians Feb 13, 2009 7:47 PM Flag

      And Paul Bremmer knows me by name because when we first invaded Iraq, the British military had a poor logistics department and never had fuel. The State department had plenty , so I allowed the British to use fuel that belonged to the US State department even though I was not suppose to. Our fuel depot at the time was at the airport in Basrah and I was low level management, fuel supervisr and station at the airport for 3 months. I wasn't allowed to eat at the camp and KBR only supplied me with MRE's to eat for 3 months since there were only 3 of us there at the airport.

      I got tired of giving all our fuel to the British Army everyday and not being able to eat at their mess hall.

      Onee day, the 3 star general in charge of the whole southewrn part of Iraq pulled up in his armored suv and wanted dieel fuel/

      I looked at the chart and his name wasn't on the list autorized fuel and showed him that. I refused to supply him and the rest of his air force and army with fuel, they had none and werrent scheduled for any deliveries for 3 days.

      He went beserk.
      I laughed

      He ran to the British Ambassador at the palace and cried. Ambasssador told him toughj shit, I was in charge and what I said went.

      He came to me and asked me what I wanted or what he could do to get fuel for his army.

      I said let me eat in the chow hall and you can hacve as much as you want. Me and my 2 subordinates got to eat in the officers mess and everyone on camp knew what happened.

      That story went all the way to the Green Zone and when Bremmer came to inspect Basrah he told me Oh so your........ We had a good laugh about you and general....... about you refusing jp-8 until you got a hot meal.

      I'll never forget that one.

    • republicansarenotchristians republicansarenotchristians Feb 13, 2009 7:27 PM Flag

      I'm not going to argue with you biggie.

      I was there, fact.6 years. first 3 I lived in Kuwait City and Al Basrah Palace. Lived in the Hilton Hotel in Magaf suburb on the beach, surrounded and guarded by the Coast Guard libving in a 4 bedroom villa at a cost to the tax payers of 5 thousand dolars a day. We had 35 villas there.

      Al Basrah Palace USMI complex as it's called today was build at a cost of 90 million dollars, totaly destroyed in about a course of 1 year starting in 2005 by rocket attacks. USMI now is stationed at Basra Airport.

      Prior to building at the palace complex, divided into 3 sub groups,British, American and one time UN but converted to Romanian military, ORHA as USMI was called at first, tried building it's headquarteres at the Governors Mansion downtown next to a British military garrison at a cost of 40 million dollars. The building was over run by locals every night to scavenge and steal everything we did to building to sell anything that had value to the Iranians across the river. The British could not give the security we needed and the para-military company we hired ran away from the complex every night down the block to the british garrison , leaving the state department and KBR without security, forcing us to run to the garrison as well every night. OPRHA finally decided after wasting 40 million dollars on remodeling a building that looked worse after we started than before we started that it was an unsecurable building and move to the palace.

      Watched Blasck Wayter shoot civilians for no reason for the first year there almost daily for no reason other than target practise. Stae Department was informed of this daily and they turned a deaf ear. Partialy the reason so many Iraqi's supported the insurgency, the State DEpartments ewillingness to allow Black Water to do as they pleased to the local population that was jubliant that we were there.

      Watched the state department having to call washington everyday every 5 moinutes because they couldn't make any decisions for shit because Rumsfeld had Collin P{owell tied around his finger and was calling all the shots and he had his head up his ass.

      I was on Sky News ,mooning Tony Blair when he arrived the first time in Iraq and went to an old British airbase from the 70's called Shaiba, 40 kilometers in country from the Kuwait border and military entry point called NavStar, whicjh is closed down now.

      Shook hands with Prince Charles, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Angela Joliet.
      Ate breakfast with Kid Rock at the Hilton when he was touring for the USO in June of 2003( was clueless on who he was at the time)

      But, Idon't have to prove shit to you.

      Just as I don't believe your an architect that works in Jacksonville Florida. Your a 50 year old man boy living in your parents basement in Michigan who is a cashier at Sonic. Prove me wrong.

    • how can you see it if you weren't there?

    • republicansarenotchristians republicansarenotchristians Feb 13, 2009 7:04 PM Flag

      Watched the State department order the military around for years biggie, get a clue. State Department runs everything , including the military. Why is it that the Secretary of State is higher ranking than the Secretary of Defense,dope

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