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  • STOCKGUY911 STOCKGUY911 Mar 17, 2009 1:40 PM Flag

    Ford a clear sell

    If you bought book your profits. It's moved up over 30% on nothing. March sales will not be good. With them cutting shifts in Europe and sales in Russia down by 50%.

    Insiders are dumping shares. Why? It's not Christmas

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    • fuk u

    • Aw, from the gooses mouth:

      what I say means nothing.

      Then maybe you should just STFU!

      It's gotta suck knowing you've made wrong call after wrong call the last 3 months. OUCH!!

    • I agree - the Company has been making huge loss. Their product has definitely become better - but still lag way behind the Japanese Auto Car Companies.

      You should look at fundamentals.

    • funny stockguy, you seem to do a lot of posting here about how right you think you are for someone who doesn't care.

      What are you, just some caped crusader who's just trying to save us all from ourselves? Is that why you go to a stock message board on yahoo where you claim to have no interest?

      It's really just your sense of altruism that brings you here right?

      You're so full of crap your eyes are brown.

    • Ha Ha, too many people needed to buy cars put off due to the economy, and those people will buy in the next two years.

    • 3 things:
      1) even a broken clock is right twice a day. You sound like one.
      2) the are market dynamics in force right now that defy your book knowledge - called "momo". You ever heard the saying "the trend is your friend"?
      3) whether the last few days are a bear rally or not is unclear - but signs like a) construction spending up, b) more government intervention, c) no deflation concerns - may all point to a recovery - the market looks out about 6 months (historically) for that recovery. You figure it out.

    • some people just do not get it

    • And hence fourth why I don't run money for the feeble minded. My people know my track record. I don't buy crappy companies just because they move higher.

      I don't care what you say, think or believe or not believe. The traders who are controlling Ford will slam it. I'll be in it to take advantage of it and you'll be crying again.

      You're a typical individual investor and your idiotic comments prove it. You know nothing about the stock your invested in. I do though.

      Now I'm done with you. go bother some one else who cares

    • that would be stockguy, he's still gonna say that he wasn't wrong.

    • >>>So two days to you is wrong.<<<

      2 days is not wrong, how could a day be wrong? You make no sense. But your recommendation of "sell" from 2 days ago was very definitely WRONG. If you were my money manager I would have fired you for such a bad call.

      >>> Do what you want.<<<

      That would be to not listen to you.

      >>>I'm sure you will disappear when it falls like a stone in water.<<<

      Really? ok brainiac, when? You claim you know something, so when is it going to drop like a stone in water? Remember, it's the stock market, things go up, things go down, it's all part of the market. Quit trying to act like you know something when this very thread proves you know nothing at all.

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