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  • kimdeaton1 kimdeaton1 Apr 27, 2009 2:01 PM Flag

    Tried to buy a 2010 mustang...

    i don't see how these dealers are thinking they can get even close to the msrp right now with the way the economy is. Seriously , 1/2 the nation is struggling with their jobs and can't afford a $20k car.

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    • You know what? If you don't like the deal, pass it by. Bellyaching about how the dealer SHOULD take your deal is meaningless. He knows his business better than you do. Go find another dealer, or pony up the couple of thousand buck difference. I don't know how somebody can have their heart set on a car, and then let the deal slip by over a few bucks. Seems to me you don't really want the car that much, or you'd realize that it's either pay up, or wait until they're not brand new on the market. It's rare indeed for any manufacturer to discount its brand new models.

    • They always start with MSRP... Not everyone knows how to buy a new car. Sometimes they get lucky and a customer will pay full price.

      It's called "sales".


    • So shop around. It's only a car. If you get it for a reasonable price great if not then get something else. You have to know the tissue price first though. Here's an idea buy one of the sales executive cars witha couple of miles on them. I've done this many times and it's a great way to save 20%

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