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  • ice_buzzard ice_buzzard Nov 9, 2009 2:02 AM Flag

    Re: 50 Million Americans aborted


    There are 100 different ramifacations from this fact, none more serious then it is out right murder in my opinion. But for the purposes of the economics of today and the entitlement crisis of today lets look at that.

    When Social Security was designed with all the formulas that went into its creation and further tweaking through the decades, nothing has had a more unforeseen effect on Social Security's Insolvency they then 30 million americans not paying into the Social Security System because they are DEAD , They have been aborted.

    The whole theory those many years ago was the young would off set the olds use of social security. But when over that last 37 years you take 30 million potential YOUNG payers who have paid nothing because they where murdered before birth then you have created an imbalance in the natural progression of the system that no one in the 1930's could of planned for. The elimination of the very people that would of kept the system solvent for at least 45 years longer than we have now.

    You dems never want to talk about that. Well John Stossel does and will next week. It is a BOMBSHELL report coming.

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