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  • jwcarte918 jwcarte918 Dec 22, 2009 1:26 PM Flag

    Ford up up Because

    Ford's up because they have good managemeni along with excellent vehicles. Other bashing Ubama post are disgrunted Republicans that can't stand an intelligent compassionant President. Just sit back and learn if you have the intelligence to comperhand.

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    • The main reason ford is up?
      i thought you guys knew why ford is up, the main reason is the hard workers at the line. Thats it bottom line.
      wait i will also thru in the ace card mr. Mac one hell of job he has done!!!!!!

    • Your ignorance scares me, you believe the bs from Washington hook, line and sinker. F is up because it is a safe stock and it is owned by the same globalist banksters that OWN the president. They own him because they put him there as they did Clinton in 92. Mohammed bin Barack Hussein is not the president until he is proven to be a US born citizen. If the public had any brains, Ron Paul would be in the Whitehouse.

    • Nice spelling there champ!!!!

    • Because of blue collar massacree. Ford offers buyout to 41000 employees. Don't you love it! Ford advertises it's on the side of the low educated blue collar worker--seen the ads with the guy in the blue workcap? But all the while it is plotting to stab its workers in the back. Life is good in the good old USA.

    • Ford is up for one reason, its because it has the media on its side now. By the way I own Ford. When GM comes out with thw IPO, Ford will have lots of debt and GM will have very little.

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      • Ford will do well. GM will have to pay back the govt way more then the loans, due to govt's major ownership. How to buy back shares? Will GM borrow money to buy out the gov's interest? Dilute shares to raise cash to buy them out? Let them benefit from shares or warrants going up the way Chrysler's did under Iacocca? I hope the last happens.

        My opinion--The gov (and thus the taxpayer saddled with national debt and hoping to draw social security) deserves to get its money back AND make a profit when GM is healthy again.

        What we can guess: Wall Street will argue that any profit somehow belongs to them instead, and the gov's shares should be sold off at dirt prices, devaluing the whole company, so Wall Street can get in cheaply after avoiding the risky times.

        Why shouldn't the gov (and taxpayers!!!)deserve to make money for taking a risk when the bonus boys at the banking houses on Wall Street were too busy with derivatives and taking advantage of the carry trade to do the things they should have been doing, financing Main Street?

        These detroit-based auto companies and their employees have paid billions upon billions in all kinds of taxes, local to federal, over DECADES. When they needed help, when Wall Street and banks fell short in helping, somebody had to make up for the missing financiers.

        Ford was lucky and smart to anticipate and plan ahead by borrowing before loans dried up last year. On GM's side, from now on, they need to do like Ford: Recognize and then correct the past mistakes so they can move forward.

        Pure greed is not a good model. Greed on market share, greed on revenue will lead to excess capacity taking hold again and to inventory that is too large and slow to turn without excess discounting. Those things must not happen again. The ripple-out effect on the whole economy is too awful.

        Learning how to be profitable on lower revenue is the main goal now that cars made by so many carmakers last longer then they used to. In Q3 Ford proved it can be done. GM still has to prove it's learned that lesson, so will have challenging times ahead, not easy ones.

        Our economy needs both of them doing well, as does Ford. (Ford shares suppliers in common with GM. Those suppliers can't survive on just F's business-- thisis just one ripple effect from GM that can bounce back and hit Ford.)

        JB, Shaggy's mom

      • It doesn't take a car maker long to accumulate debt if they don't sell product. I haven't seen much in GM's pipeline that rivals F's game plan.

        Focus - gas or hybrid, depending on how you like to economize.

        Fiesta - look out kids, your parents will explain to you how the Fiesta rivals the Honda Civic of the 80's and 90's.

        Taurus - older buyers, we listened, adjusted, and brought back the vehicle you really wanted.

        F-150 - It's been #1 how long, 30 years and still counting?

        Flex - want a Hummer, except half the price with proportionally more interior space...Ford has your car as well.

        BTW, with fleet sales increasing, Ford will also essentially be getting thousands and thousands of test drives, gratis, coutesy of the rental companies.

        What did I miss?

      • Ford will still have better vehicles...and Investors will not forget history... they will expect Gm to drive themselves right into the ground again. F is stronger than ever coming out of this recession.

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