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  • carolinabob88 carolinabob88 Jan 17, 2010 6:26 PM Flag

    Would you buy a used car from obama?

    The last car I bought was from a Black owned dealership and the last pickup I bought was via a Black salesman. However, I think Obama has been a big disappointment and I will never vote for him. I do not know exactly what went wrong. He has made very poor choices in appointments and the Democratic House and Senate have jammed through numerous pork projects and wild spending.

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    • I'll tell you what went wrong. He energized the voters into a false belief that he was the Messiah to heal all the ills of America. He is a fantastic pitchman, can sell you anything with his voice and words. As a side note, although America has problems, America is not the problem as he and his Dem cronies will have you believe.

      What we got is the same old tax and spend, socialist Dem with the same old partisan politics and crooked methods of spending, nay taking, your tax dollars. Thanks to all those who fell for his false promises, moronic proclamations and voted for bafoon. Ye suckers!!

      God help America if this man is elected to a second term.

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