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  • carolinabob88 carolinabob88 Feb 23, 2010 10:13 PM Flag

    Greenspan says Obabble has only helped the rich

    Stimulus was wasted on pork projects and Obama has been preoccupied with raming a health plan down the peoples throats.

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    • The stimulus total amount is only about equal to one year of US trade deficits in the Bush administration when the deficit ran $2+ billion per DAY for years on end. Where were Republican complaints then? Where do they think the money went?

      What happened was that the Bush/Cheney administration took a dive. The low import prices lulled the voters and made Walmart rich. The administration borrowed the money back from offshore to fund their wars, bloated government, and rubber checks to their real constituency. They had no shame and turned our USA into a Ponzi scheme.

      The public does want medical care reform. The only hope of maintaining care levels and saving money remains a single payer system. The present scheme and the political pay to play environment around it is actually delegitimizing Capitalism in the US. Of course Republicans don't care about that since they are not Conservatives and haven't been for years. The Libertarianism they affect first doesn't work, and second is just a cover story and rationalization for corporate power/money. Corruption, actually.

      The fact that our present medical care system with no change is not sustainable will impact the lives of the older people conned into supporting it so furiously. The insurance companies are already moving in surprisingly fast. I would have thought they would wait until after November but they are quite confident. They now have the best Congress money can buy.

      So we now have Case Management mostly done by computers. Did anyone really think they would be called "death panels"?

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