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  • mickeyd139 mickeyd139 Mar 4, 2010 12:24 PM Flag

    A defeat of healthcare means Obama has done NOTHING!

    His entire first 14 months have been a total waste of time with the defeat of healthcare. The time he should have spend working on jobs has been spent on something that the majority of Americans didn't want in the first place. What a fricken waste of black skin.

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    • Obama could not care less about you and me.

      He is red, pinko, communist. He went to Harvard to be indoctrinated into liberal communist ways.

      He only cares about "taking" from the rich and giving to the poor.

      For those who don't know what communism is really about, I invite you to study the "collective farm". These were massive buildings where doctors, dentists, lawyers, and professors were tossed in with street sweepers and butchers to process food for "the people". The pulled you out of your town and moved you 500 miles to a new place. The communists did not care what you knew, or who you were, you were just a number in the machine to do what they wanted, or you were sent to an even worse work camp in Siberia, to die. Since your life was controlled by them, and you had no opportunity, the beauty of life and society became gray and sad, and there was no entrepreneurial activity. There was no point to make anything nice for yourself, as it would be taken away, or you would be punished.

      This was an extreme, but it occurred for 50 years in USSR. It could happen here if misery rises with regulations and oppressive taxation, and if Obama and his communist delusionists start killing off the American spirit of small business building and prosperity with all this redistribution of wealth with taxes, or with creating special government monopolies in many industries that make it impossible for competition. The Soviets had their state run monopoly industries and no competition except on black market goods.

    • He has done something. He is destroying the Capitalistic System and replacing it with Socialism. Free markets and only free markets will solve the problems we face as a nation.

    • The cost of health care in this country is increasingly taking a bigger chunk out of the pockets of those who need care. The systems by which charges are levied are corrupt to say the least. My wife and I have great health care coverage and pay nothing out of pocket unless we use it. However it is not as good as it was in the past. If healthcare reform comes in we will probably get hit with paying more money out of our own pockets. I don't know for sure,. but I beleave it will be less than if nothing gets done soon. But I do know that many are hurting much more than they should, physically and financially and it's only a matter of time before we will be in the same boat. The majority of people in this country have good health coverage and do not understand the system is about to colapse. Mankind can be very blind to reality and in many cases wouldn't know a bridge has fallen until they find themselves drowning in the water below. We need a national health care system that pays the care providers a fair rewarding wage or salary commecerate with what they do, but does not dole out chunks of profit money to investor and bonus recipiants for sitting back and letting others do the work and "others providing the suffering". No one should benifit on the suffering of others more than what is fair for the work they do. Obama gets it. Peace.

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      • No he does not!
        He wants to take 500 billion from medicare to help pay for it!
        Then he will tax the rest of us to help cover the difference!
        All this is is a way to cover the uninsured who dont work and I bet a majority of them are not u.s. citizens!
        Oh well keep believing he gets it!When unemployment rises even more maybe you will see he has no clue!
        He sure got the aig bailout to gs though!
        He is for big banks and not for the people!

      • The cost of health care in this country is increasingly taking a bigger chunk out of the pockets of those who need care.

        The problem is more and more people are in need of this care because they want to be. To many having another kids just means more assistance and help from the government. When you look at all the freebies these lazy people get just for staying home and watching TV all day it's no wonder they can't find work. They don't want to. Ever been in a social security office? Well you would think it would be a bunch of old folks but the honest truth it's 90% young black folks in their 20's and 30's getting their disability and then they drive off in their Cadillacs.This country does NOTHING to encourage people to work and I'm tired of supporting their lazy asses.

    • Increased GDP and lowered unemployment is "nothing."

      I know you morons are hoping and praying that we don't recover from the mess you left this country in. But you do realize that melting down the economy and then standing in the way of all efforts to fix it are 2 HUGE strikes against you, right. I mean, you must see that.

      And yes, we know that it's just eating you up inside that a black guy will get credit for fixing the mess you made. But you better get used to it, because that's exactly how it will go down in history.

      If you were smart, you'd try to get behind some of the recovery effort instead of just obstructing it. But smart isn't really your strong suit -- thus the economic meltdown.

    • IF the majority really don't want it, then why is he after it?

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