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  • stacy_reblt stacy_reblt Mar 4, 2010 6:07 PM Flag

    PALIN 2012...Real Change...She will Bring America Back.

    She will bring government to a size that is 25% less then it is today.

    She will bring back jobs to millions of americans by allowing businesses to grow, not be co-owned by the government.

    She will get rid of the deficit her first term.

    She will have the national debt under 5 trillion by the end of her second term.

    She will be the reason for the securest america in history by providing the 21th century defensive capability's we so desperately need.

    She will start a rainy day fund for the first time in american history. A fund designed to stop raising and lowering taxes.

    She will create the largest expansion of adoption agency's in american history so young women will know they have a choice for life and their baby will have a good home.

    She will force america to get back the treating women with the dignity that our forefathers did, with the respect for all women that they so justly deserve.

    She will create 3 more national parks.

    She will created a totally energy self sufficient America during her 8 years.

    She will create a new federal food bank.

    She will strictly enforce our laws governing our borders.

    She will completely eliminate lobbyist.

    She will allow our intelligence agency's the tools to always protect us.

    She will Bring America Back to the people for the people to be governed By the People.

    The Far Left the Liberal Media are absolutely TERRIFIED of this woman. They are obsessed. Every single day 7 days a week for a year they print multiple articles about her, attack her on thousands of blogs thru-out america on a 24/7 basis for a year now. Never in the history of politics has this happened. Now they can defend suggest lie about the reasons all they want, but the truth is quite simple.

    People do not attack someone for not reason. They do not try to destroy a mother, loving wife and and former governor for no reason. Sarah Palin represents the first true 21th century Anti-Left candidate. She is not afraid nor embarrassed or shy of that fact. She is Proud that she stand for the complete opposite of the Far Left. And Proud that if elected President one of her goals will be to undo many of the achievements of the far left.

    They the Far Left know this about her all to well. The powerful political power brokers behind the scenes know that of you let Palin get her foot in the door it will be over for them and the corrupt way of washington. Terrified is the word no matter how much they will try and deny it.
    POST.......Palin is the #1 most Powerful Woman Politician in America...NBC CBS ABC CNN does a trashing article on Palin 24/7 for 13 month and her Power has grown 10 folds. Obama is exposed and the voters know they made a terrible mistake..

    No matter how much you trash Palin it will still not cover up Obama's total failure as president..

    Palin will be the next President of this Great Nation and nothing can stop her.

    They told Reagan in 1977 he was a joke a religious nut a mental light weight, how did all that work out for you fat left huh? He went on and became the best Preident this Nation had ever seen in the Modern Era.

    Palin will be the Best President in the 21th Century..

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