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  • lifes02short lifes02short Mar 12, 2010 11:41 AM Flag

    NEVER Buy a UAW Product, Protect America from Commies

    I bet that most of the men and woman working in these places are more patriotic then you will ever be..Why would you bash the men and woman that support a better standard of living. Granted, there are some slugs in the UAW but you will find them everywhere.

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    • When you mention 'slugs' you have to include all of the salaried 'slugs'. Alan Mulally has cleaned a most of this up, but you had to be there to appreciate the incompetence and general stupidity of some of these people - it's how Ford got into the mess it was in when Alan Mulally took over as CEO. The damage done to Ford via the 'diversity' b.s. is incomprehensible to outsiders.

      Ford management signed every one of those union contracts. Blaming the UAW for Ford's problems is abysmally stupid. The UAW doesn't design and engineer these vehicles, they only assemble them, and if you look in any Ford or L/M dealership you will see what a great job of assembling they are doing.

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