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  • sumfear sumfear Mar 12, 2010 3:40 PM Flag

    United Against Working for a living=UAW

    No, those stupid hillbillies work for nothing, and suck dick, complain about unions, and vote rep. i dont hear them complain about over payed politicians. dumb ass's dont know that all wages are based on unions.
    what about bankers, and their million dollar bonus checks, will you dumb billies quit banking with them too? Oh yea, forgot, you dont make enough money to put in the bank! keep buying jap. dumb ass.

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      good for you -- the folks who whine against unions and how great the Republican party is are the same ones who wonder why they don;t have health care or why they are broke or why their home is being repossessed by the bank! Why thier taxes go up and are cluesless to why billions are wasted on a misguided war ( taxes go up/no health care!) etc etc

      Non thinking lemmings chasing after illusions they are middle class and better then the rest! Village idiots who put the likes of Cheney and GW Bush in power and got us where we are today--BROKE! Thank you Republican lemmings! (who can forget your heroine's comment on Alaska's proximity to Russia thus goiing her foreign diplomacy experiences! Palin for Preesident of?????--LOL)

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