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  • meijergoldstein meijergoldstein Mar 22, 2010 2:50 PM Flag

    The Middle Class watches another Reality Show

    While the Anglo-Zionist cabal (pointmen ; Rahm Immanuel(Mossad assassin) and Michael Chertoff) running Washington tosses another bone to the poor. The Order uses the poor as a shield against the Middle class rising up against them. They win the favor of the poor by expropriating middle class taxes into fake programs that unknowingly enslave the poor even more (The programs are then used to wash illicit money and serve as sources of covert funding (Ollie North call HUD, a Candy Store of Covert Funding). If Joe 6 pack ever puts down his Porn, Beer, truck and motorcycle toys and realizes that they are just DIVERSIONS; the Order would have to start a Race war to take the heat off of them. Ford was stolen from Henry long ago when he tried to expose these peoples antics ( google "The Independet Jew"). This is not an Anti-Semetic post but rather Anti-Zionist.

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