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  • iraquois iraquois Aug 16, 2010 10:57 AM Flag

    China now #2

    Wake up and smell the roses.

    The roses are blooming in China not here. There is a true market economy in China not here. There is no Communism in China, if you don't have $ no healthcare, no school no food, healthcare.

    As the USA shifts toward socialism, industry will continue t1o hord $ and no jobs.

    Why is this so difficult to see.

    With unemployment so high; why are there no Anglo's in the farm fields in California? Why should they when they can sit at home and get more?

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    • You are welcome to emigrate to your land of roses any time.

      China a few years back set its currency then at half value and pegged it to the dollar. That was more than just stabilizing its currency with the reserve currency, the 'half' part was economic warfare. If currencies aren't free traded, nothing else is.

      After 2000 the US took a dive. The voters were lulled by the low prices, not realizing the real price was being added to the national bar tab. The government here borrowed back the over $2 billion per day US trade deficits to fund wars, tax cuts for the favored, and an oddly bloated government. Bush thought that Sun Tzu was a fancy dessert. For perspective, the current stimulus package is only about one years worth of the Bush US trade deficits than ran $2+ billion per day for years on end.

      Be careful of what you wish for....

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