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  • tirekickingshopper tirekickingshopper Sep 21, 2010 8:10 PM Flag

    Ford Ranger ----> bye bye

    None of the dealers are ordering 2011 Colorados . Why should they ? Chevy dealers tell me that 4 people a year ask for a colorado while thousands ask for and buy the Silverado . Small trucks and 45 RPM records - gone forever .

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    • If the Ford Ranger is gone, why will they sell it in Australia? Somebody must like them. I have one and the only complaint I have is that it is a bit too small. This new one sounds like the clear ticket. I can't buy a GM Product on principle. Looks like I am screwed.

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      • Perhaps Ford is planning an F-100 or something alone the lines of slightly larger. Hard to beleave they would not compete in the small truck market. Is someone in a position of power at Ford really that STUPID? Peace.

      • >>If the Ford Ranger is gone, why will they sell it in Australia? Somebody must like them.<<

        The small truck market in the US is nearly dead. The trucks competing against the Ranger are all larger and more capable(and even then, some of them are dropping out of the market; the Dakota will bite the dust next year). Most people in the US simply don't want a truck as small as the Ranger, evidently.

        I frankly have to wonder if the Ranger really makes much, if any, money. The tooling is long since paid off, but the sales volume is simply too low(55,600 trucks sold in 2009) to make the Twin Cities Assembly Plant a profitable operation.

        Add into the equation that TCAP is very old/not easily updated and that the Ranger's platform is not shared with any other vehicle, and we have a business justification for ending production.

        I for one will be sad to see the Ranger go, but economic reality is just that ...

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