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  • cpae33 cpae33 Nov 27, 2010 6:49 PM Flag

    Ford Taurus NO, Acura TL YES

    We did drive the Taurus as well as the Lexus ES, Camry and Maxima. Out of all of them we both agreed it drove just like any other big American car we ever drove. It drives like a boat basically which is typical of American cars. Then the suspension is not very good on potholes and every bump jars the car and the passenger. More like driving a truck than a passenger car. This car needs smooth pavement and no turns.

    The wife couldn't see very well out of the back of the car. Very strange design. It's a bit tighter than the Chrysler 300M but the inside had the typical cheap, hard plastic. Certainly it wasn't even close to the Acura or the Maxima. The other two we're has a softer ride. We like a sportier car.

    We know we got a good deal on the 4 wheel drive with 300HP since it's a 2010 they are trying to get rid of before the year is out and it was the end of the month.

    In addition it comes with:

    * 24-hour toll-free Roadside Assistance (valid in U.S. and Canada)
    * 24-hour emergency towing services
    * Computerized trip routing map services
    * Emergency fuel delivery
    * Emergency lock-out service
    * 24-hour Acura dealer locator
    * Trip-Interruption Benefits
    * Acura Concierge service (hotel referrals, trip planning, urgent message relay, etc.)

    Ford offers very little in comparison. It's a fact buddy that hasn't changed one bit. I drove it and so did the wife. I have no idea what you drove but it's exactly what it is. Another Big American car that handles poorly and only goes straight well on smooth roads.

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    • You apparently didn't drive a Taurus then. Because it handles better then any larger AMerican cars in the pass and it stays nice and tight in the turns. As for your issue with the trunk... maybe you and your wife need a telephone book or something to sit on. I had no issue whatso ever with the trunk impaired view out the rear window.

      Then again you could just be making chit up to influence less informed posters on this board.

    • My guess is cpae33 is a Honda dealer. Our neighbor who replaced their old Honda withe a new Ford Fusion hybrid is SO pleased he no longer has to drive the Honda.

      The proof cpae33 REALLY misses is in the sales pudding. From the looks of sales numbers the past year, lots of people are no longer picking Honda as much as they used to. Ford, Nissan and Hyundai are eating Honda's lunch. So, Honda dealers probably are getting pRETTY worried, coming here to trash Ford, instead of going to their HMC board and speculating there why sales are down??

      If his wife truly wanted an ultra-luxury interior instead of what the middle class buys, and he truly likes sport cars, they would have test driven a Lincoln or one of the fancier Ford Mustang GTs instead of a Taurus. For that reason alone, his story simply does not ring true.

      I haven't driven the Taurus SHO, but too many people have, who then reported that they loved the car. Here's a WindingRoad Magazine video, comparing a Taurus and a $20,000 more expensive Acura RL-- I repeat, TWENTY THOUSAND MORE FOR THE ACURA:

      In the opinion of the test driver, the SHO gives more value per dollar.

      The Taurus exterior is obviously prettier. Honda needs to update their designs.

      JB, Shaggy's mom

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