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  • sonuvatl111 sonuvatl111 Feb 21, 2011 11:43 AM Flag

    5K WISC Layoffs coming THURS if DEMS don't RETURN

    Even when the DEMS aren't voting, they manage to kills jobs!

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    • President Clinton will close years of political and economic debate Tuesday and seal a major achievement of his administration by signing off on normalized trade with China.Clinton will sign the measure, approved by Congress this year, in a White House ceremony Tuesday afternoon. The president has invited key lawmakers to the South Lawn to witness his signing of the U.S.-China Relations Act of 2000.The bill's passage by the Senate on September 19 capped years of negotiations with Beijing and intense lobbying by the Clinton administration, business and labor interests. The move is designed to open China's mammoth market to U.S. businesses and pave the way for China's entry into the World Trade Organization, ending a 20-year-old U.S. ritual of annually reviewing China's trade status.The bill survived a bruising battle in the House of Representatives in May, and Clinton has hailed the measure as a turning point in relations between the world's richest and most populous nations.Granting permanent, normal trade relations to China is considered the most important U.S. trade legislation since passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1993. But it faced a long campaign of opposition from labor, human rights and conservative groups who wanted to retain the annual review of trade relations with China.


    • Sorry, I didn't see any specific legislation or law that passed in that article which caused this exodus. Come on, you can find one law that you can pin on the GOP, can't you? We all know it couldn't be the simple fact of lower wages and less regulations that are causing the manufacturing jobs to flee, right? Higher Tariffs maybe, but Bill Clinton was for free trade with Asia, bet you didn't know that.

    • Sure, here's some facts for you to chew on.

      a quote from the source:
      "The decline in manufacturing jobs has swiftly accelerated since the beginning of 2000. Since then, more than 1.9 million factory jobs have been cut — about 10% of the sector's workforce. During the same period, the number of jobs outside manufacturing has risen close to 2%."
      Now, ask yourself one question, who was in charge in 2000? GOP Congress...and a GOP PRESIDENT elected in 2000 and inaugurated in 2001.
      Now, do you get it? Or do you prefer to call me more names and pretend the GOP can do no wrong?
      I admit the DEM Congress passed NAFTA with a DEM Presdient and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing that BUT the Asian issue (jobs being sent over seas) has been the GOP's brainchild since Nixon (who was the first President to go to China? Nixon!!!)
      So, before you hitch your braindead wagon to a Party, remember this, the GOP's first President was a LIBERAL named LINCOLN!

    • Cut Spending immediatly! FIRE THEM ALL! They work for the taxpaying public, they don't like it go get a real job! Lazy A$$e$!

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      • ips1900@sbcglobal.net ips1900 Feb 22, 2011 12:33 PM Flag

        Illinois state senator thanks Gov Walker.

        SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is again thanking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his contributions to Illinois’ economic rebound.

        This is a joke, right? Illinois is so freakin broke. Cullerton should be picking up the tips that the goofs from WI leave on the bar. He could use it to pay off some of the 170 billion in unfunded pension and other bills that he helped rack up. The bigger joke is the fools that rated this with all those stars. Really, some of you goons must drool and stutter to think that this is not the huge problem that it is.

    • so...did the wisc dems really run and hide rather than face the issues?? i'm still hoping that was only a joke...although if they're typical libbies they really don't want to face the tough issues...right now they're probably trying to figure out a way to use this issue as a way to have barry roll out another epic failing 900 BILLION dollar stimulus.

    • Oh, I've read that Walker has about doubled his threat to 13,000 to 15,000 layoffs.

      And HE will be the one doing the layoffs.

      Faux News clip:

      Walker has also threatened to call the national guard.

    • Illinois state senator thanks Gov Walker.

      SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is again thanking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his contributions to Illinois’ economic rebound.

      “I must say, I really did not expect Governor Walker to work this hard to make Illinois look so good. Once again, I’d like to thank Governor Walker for his ongoing efforts to market Illinois as a great place to live and work,” Cullerton said. “First he let everyone know how much lower our tax rates are than his, now he's focusing on how much more stable Illinois is than the chaotic Wisconsin he's created. I can’t wait to hear how he’ll help us next.”

      The Illinois Senate President issued his comments upon learning that Wisconsin Senate Democrats had sought refuge in Illinois in an effort to get the Wisconsin governor to reconsider his heavy-handed ultimatums and efforts to strip public sector employees of workplace rights and protections.

      Cullerton welcomed his Wisconsin colleagues to Illinois and hoped they’d enjoy their stay in stable, low-tax Illinois, where even with the recent tax increases the rates are lower than in Wisconsin. The Senate President also thanked Walker for the added and unexpected economic boost.

      “He’s even helping our tourism. What can’t Governor Walker do for Illinois?” said Cullerton.

      Since his election, Walker has worked tirelessly to bring jobs to Illinois and promote its economic stability.

      “When Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs, I mistakenly assumed he meant in Wisconsin,” Cullerton said. “He’s certainly turning out to be a great neighbor.”

      In November, Walker pulled the plug on a federally funded high-speed rail project. Now, some of the federal funding is instead coming to Illinois to aid high-speed rail here.

      Soon after the announcement, Wisconsin-based train maker Talgo Inc announced it was looking to leave Wisconsin and is considering re-locating to Illinois.

      Although this wouldn’t be possible without Gov. Walker’s efforts, Cullerton said there are other factors at play.

      Illinois has a strong shot at being Talgo’s new home because Illinois is investing in high-speed rail as part of a nearly $31 billion program to maintain and modernize the state’s roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure. The program was approved with bipartisan support and unified backing from business and labor in 2009.

      Cullerton suggested Wisconsin and Walker would be better served to follow a similar approach.

      He pointed to the recent negotiated changes to McCormick Place union work rules as a great example of a union, business and political success. Those changes reduced convention costs, eliminated bureaucratic red tape and resulted in increased convention business, which translates into more union work.

      During the recent blizzard, Illinois state workers teamed up with the National Guard to keep 16,000 miles of Illinois highways clear and assist more than 4,000 motorists. Recently, state public health workers responded to pandemics and food-borne illness outbreaks. And state prison guards daily secure the worst criminals in the state in overcrowded prisons.

      As much as the Senate President appreciates Walker's ongoing efforts to make Illinois a better place to live and do business, Senator Cullerton again extended his offer to assist in avoiding economic meltdown in Wisconsin that could potentially ripple through Illinois and the Midwest.

      “A lot of Illinoisans are drawn to Wisconsin’s cheese and vacation spots,” said Cullerton. “It’d be terribly unsettling if Governor Walker couldn’t resolve this chaos.”


    • Sounds like GOP financial methods and accounting to me.
      Let's see who leaves wars off budget? GOP!!! (Bush)
      Who gives billions in tax cuts to the wealthy when the debt was already skyrocketing? GOP!!! (Bush again)
      Who federally subsidizes extremely profitable businesses? GOP!!! (Oil industry...farming, etc.)
      I say we simply complicate the issue so that GOP/Cons get a headache trying to force issues into neat, little simpleton boxes for themselves.

    • ips1900@sbcglobal.net ips1900 Feb 21, 2011 2:42 PM Flag

      They don't see unpaid bills as a real problem. In the mind of the leftest, paying bills is always some other guys problem. They just want what they want.

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