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  • drc388 drc388 Apr 28, 2011 10:29 AM Flag

    I Want to Buy another Million Shares of Ford..but


    I'm concerned about:

    Upcoming Union Negotiations and Increased Labor Costs

    Increasing Material Costs due to Inflation

    A Slowing in the Chinese Economy due to Higher Interest Rates

    Lower Margins due to Price Incentives & Higher Competition

    A Decrease in U.S. Consumer Confidence

    Higher Gas Prices

    No Growth in Europe

    A Slowing U.S. Economy

    Part Shortages in Asia

    Huge Deficit Reduction Plan

    Higher Taxes because Obama is Still President

    Maybe I should stay in U.S. Treasuries, Silver and Gold, and Netflix


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    • wow that's alot of negatives...

      unions will not get more money or not much. two tiered wage schedule is here to stay. they want more US assurances of new jobs to be in US versus overseas. they will get some of that. They will also get as Alan says profitable growth for all. They just received 5000 dollar checks. nothing like alan's pay but it is the starting point.

      higher input costs of 2 billion dollars this year is being addressed by slight increase in car prices and better efficiencies will cover all 2 billion of increased cost.

      Europe slow, but Russia to come on stream, India and China are not going to go away, nor will those in Japan needing new cars after the tsunami.

      Also, they are paying down debt, about to get investment grade ratings, then allowed to give dividends,etc, and will take market share back from toyota for the rest of the year. 7.7% profit margins. Noone comes close.

      Greatest/cheapest American bellweather on any stock exchange.

      Wary of negatives but positives are being ignored by all. Huge money to be made.

      Patience is difficult though.

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      • I'm long, but I just wanted to point out to many of our young enthusiasts, that people making decisions to invest large sums of other people's money have a lot of complex items to consider before doing so. A little clarity on many of these items will help push Ford up in the second half of the year...or, will keep us largely planted here.

    • Cjhina increasing interest rates do to increased GROWTH

    • Have u ever looked at a Union Contract Fool UAW starting wage is 12-13 bucks have you been in a cave....

    • Competition HMC TM done for a year No Comp there Frito man....

    • Go to Russia Ford products EVERYWHERE So u r full of it.... Girlie Man

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