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  • shortandsweet4556 shortandsweet4556 May 19, 2011 12:21 PM Flag

    Dow spikes 30 points, Ford doesn't move

    You know you are not on the right side when this occurs all too frequently, LOL. jmho

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    • Why is Ford not particularly following ANY index this week?

      This is options Expiration week. What will the MMs want, given they are usually net SELLERS of BOTH puts and calls?

      The MMs will want as many of the options contracts they sold as possible to expire "out of the money" (OTM) or "at the money" (ATM). Why? So the MMs do NOT have to pay up.

      Fearing they might have to pay up if some contracts exercise in the money, the MMs might try to buy a bunch of those back before expiration. But, their cash limits their ability to do that for too many. So pushing price to a MAGIC STRIKE that helps more contracts expire OTM or ATM will be preferred, all else being equal.

      What magic strike might that be? AHEM. According to gruck's model, similar to a spreadsheet I use sometimes, it's currently $15 for May expiration. It will take high volume (big players arrive who are not MMs) and/or a rearrangement of puts and calls to change that.

      JB, Shaggy's mom

      PS For upcoming buy signals in daily charts, the PSARs for price to cross are:

      **F, $15.52 (forty-two cents away),

      **Ford warrants, $6.48 (fourteen cents away), and
      **Ford bond trust (F-PA here, FpA at my broker, 26.47 (twelve cents away)

      If price starts pushing past those on a day when F has volume, some of my conditional orders to buy Ford will trigger. Today is a high volume day for Ford. YAY!!

    • until the big boys start buying again F will be fairly stagnant.
      once 2012 models start advertising you will see upper teens again.

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