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  • sdmiller4747 Jun 22, 2011 8:57 PM Flag

    UAW still get lifetime health benefits..

    I'm retired from the private sector and I pay $340/month on health insurance. You union goons in the public sector aren't willing to pay into your healthcare? Like it or not you people are going to have to start paying more into your health insurance! The gravy train is getting ready to make its last stop!

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    • You act like a company providing health insurance is unique to auto workers. Since you are retired, remember when you looked for a job that paid fairly and provided good healthcare? Isn't that what you told your kids to consider when looking for a job?

      Healthcare after retirement is not unique to auto workers. Also, this benefit became part of employment at Ford long before I was an employee here. My Dad had to take medical retirement from GM in 1979 from a SALARIED (non-UAW) position, and my Mom still has his healthcare coverage.

      When I hired in to Ford, healthcare after retirement was a part of my compensation. If you were me would you have said "No, I don't want it," when you were 28 years old and had a family of 5?

      Would you not want your adult kids to have a good healthcare program? Will you be angry with them if they have fully paid healthcare after they retire? Perhaps you would prefer them to only be on Government, tax funded healthcare?

      If the company tells you what you get in your retirement, would you not expect to receive it when you retire?

      Healthcare for retirees is no longer a cost on Ford's books because of the VEBA.

      You need to get over your envy of others. Other people have nicer cars than me and I don't complain about it. Other people have nicer homes than me, and I don't complain about it. If someone can do better for themselves I am glad for them. They are sometimes just fortunate, and sometimes have done more than me to attain what they have or have going for them. I do not wish to drag anyone down to my level. Why do you wish to drag others to your's?

      For the UAW members not wanting to pay for our healthcare after retirement, we only want what Ford said they were going to provide in compensation for our employment with them when we were hired. Perhaps you want to let every company who hired people with the promise of pay and benefits to renege on those claims? Where will this country be then?

      ...on Obamacare. Who will pay the taxes for that?


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