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  • dokrok5 dokrok5 Sep 10, 2011 5:12 PM Flag

    Thanks to the unions FORD will become totally automated

    Every one is tired of the unions crap. Robots work 24 hours a day seven days a week without the fear of a strike.
    Or having a bunch of whinos building cars. Congratulations unions you have finally outlived your usefullness

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    • The more they make the more they spend in union & non union stores. I wonder how many people would tell a union person to leave their business? Too much hatred in this world. Unions made the middle class and kept people safe. Who will keep the robots working?? Change in doing work is good.The US auto companies are doing a great job in building vehicles and are beating the pants off the foreign companies. This is do to Union and non union labor in the plants and development. Lets be Proud of America workers, not put them down.

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      • The largest cost to the automakers, as it is with all unions are the pension plans.Thats why GM and CHRYSLER needed a taxpayer bailout.
        The people who pay for these pensions and large salaries are the taxpayers. No one can tell me that the outrageous costs of vehicles isn't due to the high cost of union wages and pensions.

        Just like the bailout of Citi bank they were bailed out by the taxpayer, and for that joy they now charge in excess of %25 on there credit cards
        The bailouts of GM and Chrysler By the taxpayers has resulted in both those companies demanding higher wages and the cost of vehicles are outrageous.
        And now the unions want to go on strike at Ford general motors and chrysler?
        Let progress carry on and let the auto companies build without the constant fear of shutdowns and strikes.
        The unions know that time is here and thats why there going down kicking and screaming

    • As the price of labor goes up, it becomes cheaper to become automated. The company needs fewer workers.
      Thinki about it. Unions reduce employment. I grew up in the coal fields and down through the years automation in some mines has reduced the number of miners by 80+%.
      A friend of mine worked in a trucking depot, became union, salary doubled, the number of employees reduce by half. Originally had 40 reduced to 19. Same amount of work completed.
      Example after example can show how unions recuce employment.

    • That robot can't buy a car and that is why Henry Ford was so smart. He shortened the work week and paid the line workers $5/day which at the time was double what the average skilled worker in the country was making. Henry wanted to make sure the people who were building the cars could afford to buy one. Henry was the originator of good auto wages and just think, the company is still in business after all these years of high wages.

    • "Thanks to the unions FORD will become totally automated."

      Perhaps, but that last Union member employee will be making a fortune per hour!

    • Wonder if those robots will want a $10,000 signing bounus?

    • LOL, Ford has already automated everything it possibly can, and still automates something new here and there, even if it is not with a robot. You don't think all auto companies have made this move yet?

      Robots don't go on strike, you are right, but when they break down you can't just rip them out of the floor/fixture and put another one in!! LOL. Robots, like anything man builds, break down, require maintenance, reprogramming, and more. They are not "people free."

      And a robot with a blown out gear will put the plant down for 18 hours because the bean counters noticed that the gear that has been sitting on the shelf has never been used, so it's not needed, and got rid of it. Well, when a robot blew that gear the plant was down for 18 hours while another was driven in from out of State and nobody knew how to change it because the company "saved money" by not sending the Tradesmen to refresher courses to keep them up on tasks they rarely ever need to do, but HAVE TO when it's needed.

      Yeah, this is based on a real experience. One MINUTE of lost production equals $6,000. How many minutes in 18 hours?? WOW!!! Yeah, sure they saved money.


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      • and what does it costs the companies when workers go on strike, go out to lunch at the nearest taverns?
        All states should have the right to work law that promotes competition, but you will see the unions fight this every step of the way.
        The current price of new vehicles is astronomical as it is, $40 grand for a vehicle?? and the say housing is bad.
        Henry ford started the assembly line and the assembly line will be finished with robots, sure there will always be a need for a human touch, but with the unions workers threatening to go out on strike especially after the tax payers bailed them out, clearly it's time to crank up the robots and put an end to union threats