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  • dokrok5 dokrok5 Sep 11, 2011 9:22 AM Flag

    Thanks to the unions FORD will become totally automated

    The largest cost to the automakers, as it is with all unions are the pension plans.Thats why GM and CHRYSLER needed a taxpayer bailout.
    The people who pay for these pensions and large salaries are the taxpayers. No one can tell me that the outrageous costs of vehicles isn't due to the high cost of union wages and pensions.

    Just like the bailout of Citi bank they were bailed out by the taxpayer, and for that joy they now charge in excess of %25 on there credit cards
    The bailouts of GM and Chrysler By the taxpayers has resulted in both those companies demanding higher wages and the cost of vehicles are outrageous.
    And now the unions want to go on strike at Ford general motors and chrysler?
    Let progress carry on and let the auto companies build without the constant fear of shutdowns and strikes.
    The unions know that time is here and thats why there going down kicking and screaming

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    • >"And now the unions want to go on strike at Ford general motors and chrysler?"<

      GM and Chrysler CANNOT strike, and no one wants a strike at Ford, except a couple left over 1960's and 1970's employees who are not up with the times.

      So no, the UAW does not want to strike. Just READ THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Labor costs Ford about 8 - 9% for the total cost of building a vehicle, so no, union wages is not the cause of outrageous car prices.

      Are you familiar with vehicle stability technologies? Anti-lock brakes? Skid control? Traction control? Adaptive cruise control? Side collision air bags and curtains? Tire pressure monitoring systems? Do you think these technologies are cheap? These are in the cars you are buying.

      Engines and transmissions are the highest tech they have ever been with sometimes 4 camshafts instead of one, 4 times as many valves, and now direct injection, and don't forget all the continually increased pollution controls.

      Your new car comes with 17 - 20 inch rims and pricey low profile tires. Go ahead, price a new tire for your car.

      How about the fact that materials costs have skyrocketed this year, after increasing last year? Means nothing?

      Ford is also using more high strength boron steel in their vehicles which enable them to get the top safety ratings and keep passengers safe.

      Why do so many people ignore the other 90% of the cost to build a vehicle?

      You need to catch up to reality, man.


    • The reason Gm & Chrysler needed the bailout from Bush's recession is--they did not refinance all of the property they owned like Bill Ford and Allan Mullaly did before the biggest downturn in the economy. Get your facts straight--please! Al thought the down turn word be big, so he decide to refinance all of Ford's property. Ford still owes about 14 Billon. Gm & C are paying the government back, not like many other institutions that got money from the government. Don't bash if you don't know what you are talking about. Thank you!

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