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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Sep 11, 2011 8:59 PM Flag

    Unions people vs non-union people- Why?

    I still await a reply from union members or leaders to explain to us non union people why we should support union goals. It still appears to me that we are being ripped off by union people.
    Please explaing.

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    • Obama is not the problem, as most know he is a fool The real problem are the fools who voted for him. He will be gone, but the fools will remain.

    • Some how unions seem to think they own the company. The company is owned by the stock holders. and. Some how the stock holders have forgotten this and lean back and let labor and mgt have all the profits. Someday stock holders will wake up and tak the co. back.

    • Your comments are well taken. They address a few problems of union people, but these comments do not address the issue, 'What good does union do for non union people that end up paying all the benefits of union people'. After all, the rate of non union people is 90+% and union people is 10%. The high benefits union people receive lower the standard of living for the 90+% of non union people.
      BO and his administration are in bed with unions at the expense of non union people.
      BO wants to raise the standard of living for the 10% and lower it for the 90%. Something bad wrong with someone thinking.

    • To get to the top you either blow someone or have family or friendly connections. I find most of upper management being lower skilled and at times totally incompetent for the job they do. It's why so many firms get into trouble. The union wages would not matter if management would of put quality first over quick profits. How many customers did the big three lose because of management beliefs that cars that break sooner will bring in more profits. They were too stupid to realize if you build a good product then you'll have loyal repeating customers.

    • Right. And the price of cars will not get cheaper because the employees get paid less.

    • I'll bet you pay like crap, or have illegal help, don't you?

    • Companies look at employees as no more than commodities, to be bought on the cheap. Unions remind employers that the commodities are real people with families.
      We are pretty much at an earnings peak and analists are cutting earnings estimates left and right. Employees make up a big portion of cash flow and the next thing to increase earnings is ship more jobs over seas or have you work at lower wages or less hours in the work week.
      United we stand covering each others backs or divided we get bent over.

    • Union people wear blinders and will never admit to the hardships they cause. I am at retirement age but will probably never actually retire bacause I enjoy what I do.

    • I agree with most of the posts. Every employee deserves a fair wage and safe working conditions. I agree with you that in most corp's upper mgt is way over paid. Much of this money should be paid as stock dividends.
      The union people are all missing the point of what good does union do for the non union people? After all, all of the benefits union people receive are paid for by non union people. Gov't stats-between 90 and 95% of the people are not union members.
      Unions negotiate wages and benefits with the employer to improve their standard of living and when their wages and benefits go up so do the prices of the company's merchandise. Now who buys this merchandise, non union people. When these non union have to pay higher prices their standard of living goes down.
      Logically, every non union person should be up in arms against unions, because unions are lowering their standard of living.
      Again, what unions do for the country, the economy and the non union people is:
      1. raise the cost of living.
      2. increase taxes.
      3. reduce employment.
      4. creates more poor people.
      Now all of you good union people, please explain why I am wrong. My stand is that unions bleed non union people. Unions get their way usually, by applying their tools: threats, intimidation, fear, violence and strikes.
      -I am retired an on a fixed income

    • I will never be lonely. I have the greatest family anyone could wish for. All are college graduates and doing well. I am not a political person and have no party preference. I do hate people in government that seem to be stupid however.

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