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  • zaphodb64 zaphodb64 Sep 28, 2011 10:15 AM Flag

    FORD should screw UAW and MOVE to the SOUTH

    That's what the GOP wants!

    But they're ALL too stupid (GOP and business leaders) to realize the more jobs they ship away, the fewer people there will be to afford their products.

    They are THAT DUMB! All they see is money as if it will just flow to them automatically because they moved their production elsewhere and created more revenue ON PAPER.

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    • "the more jobs they ship away, the fewer people there will be to afford their products."

      Only half the worlds population reside in those asiatic countries. What we lose they will gain in income. The democrats dream of effectively making USA a third world country is on track.

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      • Hey, moron, WHO do these businesses intend to sell their products to when NO ONE has a job and can buy them? The fewer jobs there are, the less demand there is, dumbazz! What these companies seem to think is that if they lay-off somone, there will be another business there to hire them so that they can continue making money on their products. But they are WRONG and they are going to find out the hard way if this crap continues.

        Sure, that profit margin look GREAT ON PAPER, but the reailty is MUCH different. I guess that's why most of these greedy businessmen are Republicans, they don't think logically, they just SEE something and if it LOOKS good, it must be!

        THAT is how delusional you people are and that is how greed makes you DUMBER!

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