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  • falcons1133 falcons1133 Sep 28, 2011 10:04 AM Flag

    FORD should screw UAW and MOVE to the SOUTH

    Obama will probably sue them if they did it now, but once he is out in a couple years they should go ahead and dump the huge labor costs, thereby lowering the auto price some and grabbing even more market share.

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    • Uhm, didn't you just say it was Clinton's fault? Didn't I just prove to you WHEN China's petition to the WTO was, IN FACT, started (1986)?

      Were you wrong?

      I think this should help you realize just how wrong and foolish you are:

      And this is from a publication that your employers fund (Cato is funded by the Kochs).

      "It was the Reagan administration that launched the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations in 1986 that lowered global tariffs and created the World Trade Organization."

      So, if the Reagan Administration that essentially CREATED the WTO, who was China negotiating with in 1986?

      Oops, huh, dumbazz?

      "After 13 years of negotiations, the United States and China have agreed to terms on China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO)."

      Now, again, WHO was President 13 years before 1999 and STARTED these negotiations? REAGAN!

      Now, who's a hopeless ignorant moron?

    • LOL, so now its Reagans Fault bc China filed some paperwork with the WTO (then GATT) way back in 1986! You really are a hopeless case!

    • It took longer than that, actually and it was Reagan, AGAIN, who spearheaded it.

      "Under the chairmanship of Ambassador Pierre-Louis Girard of Switzerland, the Working Party concluded almost 15 years of negotiations with China and agreed to forward some 900 pages of legal text for formal acceptance by the 142 Member Governments of the WTO."

      2001 - 15 (years) = 1986

      (I suspect you suck at math as much as you suck at research so I did the math for you.)

    • Scroll up, I said "both parties" deserve your blame. It took China about 10 years to get into the WTO, owed in no small part by that 2000 Trade Agreement the previous year. Bush may have supported their entry, but he didn't make it happen. DUH!

    • That is what happened though, isn't it? I never said the DEms have no blame in it. YOU are simply trying to pin it ALL on them, that's the part I am contesting. DUH!

      If y want to blame Clinton for "normalizing trade relations" with china, OK, I agree because he did BUT you are so desperate to exonerate Bush of any wrongdoing, you are ignoraing that HE was the sponsor. Not Clinton. If you are REALLY looking to find blame in this, WHO WENT TO CHINA IN THE FIRST PLACE? NIXON! So, who do you to DESPERATELY try and blame now? If Nixon didn't insist on opening that can of worms, would we even be IN this mess?

    • Dummy! Who do you think will buy the cars?

    • The writing is on the wall. Sooner or later F and Gm will have to take a strike and hire scabs. It will happen. Maybe not this contract but they know that they can't return to the past. The UAW will be destroyed in the end or there won't be an American auto company left. Caterpillar took on the UAW and won. F and GM will win also.

    • So your argument is, Reagan and Bush opened the gate for NAFTA to be signed into law by a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President, but nevermind GOP is to blame!

      Meanwhile, Clinton opened the Gate for China's WTO membership, but since the trade agreement occured at the end of Clinton admin, and the accession process of WTO (which took China 10 years) but nevermind Bush gets the blame?

      You do understand that Dubya had nothing to do with China being allowed to join the WTO other than happening to be President (1st year) when it occured...

    • On your first attempt at distortion:

      NORMALIZING trade with China is NOT SPONSORING membership in the WTO.

      BAD try, BAD faiure!


      On your second part:
      Why did you forget to source this part of yuor article? SEMANTICS, again?

      From your SAME wiki source:

      "Following diplomatic negotiations dating back to 1986 among the three nations, the leaders met in San Antonio, Texas, on December 17, 1992, to sign NAFTA. U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, each responsible for spearheading and promoting the agreement, ceremonially signed it. The agreement then needed to be ratified by each nation's legislative or parliamentary branch."

      WHO was President in 1986? REAGAN!

      Dude, you TOTALLY SUCK at lying and playing semenatics! The Koch's should fire you ASAP!

    • That not how History remembers it.....


      "President Clinton will close years of political and economic debate Tuesday and seal a major achievement of his administration by signing off on normalized trade with China.Clinton will sign the measure, approved by Congress this year, in a White House ceremony Tuesday afternoon. The president has invited key lawmakers to the South Lawn to witness his signing of the U.S.-China Relations Act of 2000.The bill's passage by the Senate on September 19 capped years of negotiations with Beijing and intense lobbying by the Clinton administration, business and labor interests. The move is designed to open China's mammoth market to U.S. businesses and pave the way for China's entry into the World Trade Organization, ending a 20-year-old U.S. ritual of annually reviewing China's trade status."

      the House of Representatives approved NAFTA on November 17, 1993, by a vote of 234 to 200. The agreement's supporters included 132 Republicans and 102 Democrats. NAFTA passed the Senate 61-38. Senate supporters were 34 Republicans and 27 Democrats. Clinton signed it into law on December 8, 1993; it went into effect on January 1, 1994.[1][2] Clinton while signing the NAFTA bill stated: "...NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't support this agreement."

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