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  • juanruiz1330 juanruiz1330 Oct 22, 2011 1:21 PM Flag

    Ford now BB+

    In re dividends. I think at this point, after it's long climb back to legitimacy, even a token dividend would be a good PR move. 8-10 cents a share, while not all that much, would stimulate confidence and perhaps bring in hedge fund buyers who can only purchase dividend stock. btw, I am way long F, looking 3-5 years down the road.

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    • gomek- I have to disagree on one thing . Ford does not have to much capaity. They have their capacity in line with the market. They will have to increase their capacity over the next 2 years to keep up with demand.

    • moody's, in talking at their web site about their recent credit rating upgrade for ford, said the new rating would not be harmed as long as any dividend was not so aggressive as to harm certain debt-to-earnings ratios and other "metrics".

      In other words, Ford needs to keep debt paid off as a higher-priority, keeping any dividend lowish, maybe at a token level.

      New plants are being built in Asia. Does that mean Ford will try to cover that through new earnings, to avoid taking on too much new debt?

      Ford said, at earnings, that their "capital requirements" (assumed for land, plants, and equipement)?? for the next year would be, what, about four billion? (I'd located the number earlier, but now can't find it. If the number matters to you, look it up to guarantee accuracy.)

      JB, Shaggy's mom

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