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  • gomek_didnot_wear_plaid gomek_didnot_wear_plaid Oct 22, 2011 12:55 PM Flag

    Interested in the perspective of Shorts

    What has happened to xavierrudolph99... and the other shorts? I'm curious to know what they've done in light of the turn in Ford and the markets in general.

    Mr. Soros, would you care to weight in?

    They are all so darned quiet during periods like this!


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    • It was lackluster because the surging Dow limited the damage IMO. As I stated, easily could have been down $1.00 without Dow +160.
      I think you are off base on the divy as well. Smart investors knew it wasn't going to happen and was built up by a whorish media push. Only idiots sold because the divy wasn't announced. Are Ford longs that fickle to just dump because they did not get something that just about everyone knew was just a media built up rumor?
      I read that article. It makes some points, but essentially guidance has been lowered for Q4, there was a pretty substantial drop from the finance arm, continued weakness in Europe, Asia and now Africa.
      EPS Q4 drop of about 30% is not chump change.

    • gomek_didnot_wear_plaid gomek_didnot_wear_plaid Oct 26, 2011 10:58 PM Flag

      CR was part of it, as well as disappointment by some that a dividend wasn't announced. I'm on record in another thread suggesting that they postpone a dividend until other more profitable uses for the cash have been exhausted.

      Meanwhile, give this a read and some thought.

      It may well be that Ford will drift higher from here rather than your anticipated lower. Today was a lack-luster sell-off if I've ever seen one.


    • I see you were posting at night hours, my apology. Work sucks, huh?

      Let's see how the next 5-10 days of trading goes and if this report lingers on investors and they continue to sell or it's a one day blip and it gets put behind us.

      I think you are putting way too much emphasis on the CR report. It didn't help, but it's not the reason the stock got sacked today.


    • gomek_didnot_wear_plaid gomek_didnot_wear_plaid Oct 26, 2011 10:38 PM Flag

      Oct. 22 was a Saturday. I don't work weekends...any longer!


    • Well, let's see what transpires over the next few weeks. I think this 56 might just be the tip of another prolonged weakness in shares driving it sub 10 again. You seem to focus on the CR report. The main problem is it looks like the eps in Q4 has dropped from .34 to .23

      In any event, as I stated no matter what Ford seems to report they know how to crash the stock. You are lucky the Dow was up 160 or it easily could have been down $1.00 or more. Holding on earnings is a sucker bet. If everything doesn't look great and just one item is "out of line"...look out below. It isn't fair but it is Ford and most other equities.

      Didn't you post in the afternoon yesterday? Today you have a day job? Seems suspect.

      Short from 13. Expect continued pressure.

    • gomek_didnot_wear_plaid gomek_didnot_wear_plaid Oct 26, 2011 10:07 PM Flag


      Ford down 56 cents after beating earnings estimates. I don't see what it is that is making you have a "happy dance". You took on a whole lot at risk for a meager paper profit. The miss that some shorts anticipated didn't materialize. The NetFlix-like plunge that some alluded to didn't materialize. You should count your blessings that the media jumped all over Consumer's Union ratings the day before Ford's earnings were set to be released! Coincidence? I think not. A lot of people were gunning for Ford. The MyFord Touch software issues were widely publicized back in June. And what is it about "controls that some find confusing" or a tranmission that works well, but shifts differently than some drivers are accustomed to that would cause one to suggest that cars afflicted with these types of issues are destined to not "hold up over the years" is beyond me.

      The accusation:
      <<CR's respected ratings of predicted reliability use data on problems its subscribers have had with their vehicles to predict how well the latest versions of those cars and trucks from 28 brands will hold up over the years.>>

      The reason for the accusation:
      <<Among problems: MyFordTouch, a suite of electronic controls in most new Fords that some owners find confusing. Also, a sometimes harsh-shifting, fuel-economy-oriented PowerShift automatic transmission in the Fiesta and Focus.>>

      I don't see Fiesta's, Focus or Explorers headed to the scrap heap prematurely because of "hard shifting" transmissions, or "confusing" MyFord Touch controls.

      I didn't respond until now for no other reason than that I have a day job. As I said before, don't fret. I've been here since 1998. I don't plan on disappearing anytime soon. Certainly not over a 56 Cent drop!



    • Not with the impending litigasyon before the Suprema Court will Ford ever prevail. Have about $3.ooB in hard cash to hand over to the lawyers representing the truckers. You surely don't expect smiley to discuss such minor punto.

      Amd then we have got a highly informed reporter from CNBS named Phil Faber to ask smiley some tough questions. Exactly how ignoramous these people are?

    • HEY, LET THE SHORTS ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am in at under $10.00 and I am in today at $11.60. I can only hope for lower prices FAST . I aam buying at the open tomorrow because I can`t believe that we didn`t top $12.00 at today`s close. FORD will see $20.00 in less than 12 months and then I will be a very HAPPY CAMPER. Ford is going to take off soon. VERY SOON. Good Luck.

    • Still waiting for Gomek to make an appearance today.

    • Thanks for the confirmation...Not evey segment down and not every segment up, but overall sales 14% plus.Rolled up and the snowball is still round. Strong sales on the big profit vehicles is not a bad position to be in. I got you to post your facts for every one to see, now we will wait and find out who is the fool. Good luck with what-ever you do.....

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