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  • juston_tymee juston_tymee Nov 21, 2011 8:11 AM Flag

    I Met A Dimocrat That Believes In Climate Change


    He said he had just finished bowling in the Special Olympics!

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    • Why do you hate Sarah Palin's family?

    • Your heroes the Koch brothers (the main sponsors of the tea party) recently funded a big study to disprove global warming/climate change. Guess what was concluded? How will Faux News distort this one for its dimwitted viewers?

      "I think it just adds to the mountain of evidence, and the continually growing mountain of evidence, that the Earth is warming," said Hull.
      In a twist, the study was partly funded by the Charles Koch Foundation.

    • The climate has been changing ever since the Earth formed. Man made global warming is a lie that is slowly falling apart.

      • 2 Replies to alsbluebelt
      • The climate has been changing ever since the Earth formed. Man made global warming is a lie that is slowly falling apart.

        You have have no idea how many readers are greatly reassured by your words, we had no idea your expertize was so vast in Climatology (is that a real word). We are so proud of you we will all dash out and blow away the smog, another natural phenomenon caused by cows I understand. It is absolutely incorrect to assume that people would have any affect on the environment. Some one somewhere poisoned the rivers and streams with mercury, atomic radiation, cyanide in gold production, and on and on and on.
        Nevertheless it is impossible that humans could affect climate change in any way shape or form.
        ha! ha! ha! 7 billion people and counting.
        Let us Pray that we do not live on a Love Canal, down wind of an atomic energy test site, or eat fish.
        Gringos are Stupid and the poor more so.
        Don't give your money to pedophiles, cut out the middleman, send your money directly to the Vatican.
        It Never Ends, the Priests just can’t leave it alone and you provide the children for them, could sending them to church be classed as child endangerment.
        Do you know that lawyers and politicians do not understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL.
        ..................................................... ...
        kabookie, I do not believe you are in a position to call anyone foolish.

        Read and reread the last sentence You wrote,

        "If you are wrong in your opinion, and the Kabook is right (he is), then when you die
        Your tit is going to be in the proverbial ringer, and you will be without excuse."

        Is that what you have been taught,
        that you will go to Hell if you don't toadie up to your so called deity,
        brown nose your way to Heaven is it, and you think this is O.K.

        YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING...........

        Jesus is coming – Look busy

      • "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem (is true or false)."
        Charles Darwin 1871

        Since you likely have no idea what that means. It means you are ignorant and have no clue of what you speak.

    • Most Dims belong in the Special Olympics!

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