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  • jpaulgettytoo jpaulgettytoo Jan 30, 2012 7:19 PM Flag

    Bush was the WORST President EVER

    He destroyed the middle class, he got thousands killed for imaginary WMDs he helped the rich get richer and the poor to get poorer. He put religion in government. He let corporations destroy the Bill of Rights. He removed regulations on banks, Wall Street, and the environment to put companies ahead of people. He shouid be tried as a war against humanity criminal. Obama (a great leader) could not have won the last election, because of his race, had not most Americans hated Bush so much.

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    • Your dam rite we r still payin. GOP wants to deny all and make others responsible for their crimes. NO WAY. I won't let that happen and neither will my Democratic brothers and sisters

    • Rasmussen is a regular on Fixed news. The GOP needs a pollster for their propaganda machine. They bought one.

    • Were you born after Carter?

    • keoo2 Feb 17, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

      obozo is the reason stupid people should't be allowed to vote!!

    • Agreed, the worst ever, followed by Bush Sr.....please,,,no more Bush in public office....we cannot afford it.

    • Bush is no longer President or did you know that. From the messages on this board, Bush is still President. Why do you shut all history off with Bush's Election over 12 years ago.I thought they termed out after 8 years, and the last two of Buhs's term the Demicrats had a lock on Congress they had big majorities in both the House and the Senate. Dodd and Bwaney Franks ruined the housing business along with the greed of home buyers, every home had to be larger than their neighbors.

      4-5 thousand sq. ft. per home for no more than 4 people. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a library no one read, a kitchen a sbig as many resteraunts have. Parent could not even find their kids in a house that large. It was greed, pure old greed that ruined the housing market asand Congress let it happen.

      Why the increase in home building today people learned their lesson homes are averaging 1500 to 1700 sq. ft. amd they are finding they can get along just fine, and the payments are the old fashioned 20 to 25 years then they are paid off.

      If you can explain to me how he destroyed the middle class post it with reliable links.

      You are a LIAR the banks were destroy the banks. Try 1999 he was not President Clinton was. The best banking law we ever had been in effect since 1936 called "Glass/Steagal. It not only establiblised the FDIC Insurance at $5,000.00 per account, it but up a barrier between Wall Street Bankers and our bankers on main street USA. Dumb Republicans thought that deal up, but they had not the strenght over-ride a veto by President Clinton. That Veto was not forth-coming Clinton agreed to the banking change, he did not use his veto power the bill passed, and Glass/Steagal was buried. That is how the banks were killed and as all your message Bush had not a thing to do with it.

      When did Bush destroy the "Bill of Rights"? When did he? You know sure I have seen a lot of hate messages here many at least had a little basis behind them as with any of our President.

      Your message comes from ignorance of history I am talking grade school knowledge you do not even have that ability or hatred has blinded you from reality. A war crimminal you have no idea what is and what is not a war crimminal. See the "Trials at Nurenberg" They will give you a clue.

    • lets see, budget surplus, republican congress.
      Ona brighter note, how is the national debt created? Now when you find the answer what year did it stay the same under clinton or go down. Again, facts are hard to escape. Uh oh exposed your ignorance yet again.

    • Clinton? You mean the guy who handed the budget surplus?? hahahahaha

      Never mind facts sling, just make stuff up.

    • Lets see, which pres did it start under? Tell us clintons role. Then as I have stated, tell us how the Republicans tried to stop the mess the demolosers defended. Try education welfareloser, it will keep you from having your ignorance exposed?

    • I have yet to use a news source to expose your stupidty. Uh oh did it again. lmao

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