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  • nanatim10 nanatim10 Mar 8, 2012 7:22 PM Flag

    stock price would go up more

    I don't drive Ford,
    but I think their stock price should worth more.
    according to the technical indicators,
    Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is bullish for F.
    F formed a bullish Gap Up signal.
    F formed a bullish Price & Exponential Moving Average Crossover signal.
    F formed a bullish Price & Simple Moving Average Crossover signal.
    F formed a bearish 5-day simple moving average and 10-day simple moving average crossdown.
    bullish signals more than bearish signals.

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    • above is spam. True news is here:

      Have been watching charts and news-

      (1) MARKETS, CROSS-EYED CHARTS & GREECE. Markets in testing mode, but contradictory directions depending on time-frame, so machines will be cross-eyed--

      "Buy" or "Buy if" signals in many daily charts,
      "Sell if" signals in many weekly charts, deciding whether to exceed temporary 6-month highs or not

      Greece got over 80% agreement yesterday on a deal for reducing bond principal and interest and stretchin gth epayments out more years (sweetened by warrants usable later, but restricted to times when the Greek economy does well).

      What happens to the other 20% not agreeing are unclear to me. People talk about default for them, but they could also be bought out soon (most likely hold-outs were those those whose bonds come due later this month, so in March).

      (2) FORD & ANALYSTS. F/Ford is still deeply undervalued (lowest target is $14 by yahoo star analysts, meaning those giving fairly accurate earnings estimates, needed to properly value Ford). One star analyst (Deutsche bank) raising their target from $15 (given last October) to $18 (yesterday).

      The Deutsche bank upgrade of target maybe has not yet registered at Yahoo's "Analyst Opinion" link for F:
      Median target shown is still at $16.
      Mean (simple average) is still at $15.93.

      MEDIAN MATH. The median across 14 analysts has been at $16 for 14 analysts for awhile, meaning that half, or the bottom 7, the "less bullish" ones, give targets of $16 or LESS, while the top 7 do the opposite, "more bullish", so give $16 or more.

      Several star analysts are right at $16 (verified UBS and JPM there earlier; there may be more).

      NON-STARS. There are also non-stars (not giving earning estimates) who give accurate targets (inside the same range given by the stars). Standpoint is one. They are most likely chart-based, analyze neither fundmentals nor company strategies for changing. Write-ups by them or by others about them avoid giving reasons for ratings and/or give some peculiar info (one claimed Ford still owns divisions long ago divested, such as Hertz).

      BLOOMBERG. Bloomberg monitors a different set of analysts, says their mean is at $16.15:

      (3) FORD has warned that a Canadian company, TRC Capital, has an offer out ("tendered"), trying to buy F for less than market:

      JB, Shaggy's mom

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