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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 19, 2012 1:33 PM Flag

    Bakken oil reserves and 2 refineries....

    The Williston Basin in N.W. North Dakota has billions in oil reserves. One refinery in Mandan and one in Billlings. Both running at capacity.
    Thank your political libtards for blocking Oil Refinery permits. That's what happens when you have the BRAINDEAD running our country....

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    • The pipeline will be built. But according to the republican governor, not over the most sensitive part of the Oglala reservoir.

      The farm land where the pipe was supposed to go over was protested by farmers. Mostl;y republicans. The argument was that a foreign company, majority powned by a China company, should not be given the power of eminent domain to confiscate their land.

      The Canadians are already protesting a pipeline to their W-coast. Seems like everyone ios for the pipeline, but not-in-my-back-yard.

      The Canadian crud has the consistency of hot peanut butter and has already broken the existing pipeline 14 times. Fortunately it will be comingled with the good stuff coming out of America. So the refineries in Texas will be able to refine it and ship finished product to S.America, China, and elsewhere. Even so, there will be much downtime (cost) added, for the constant cleaning. But on the bright side, that will mean lots of plastic and tar as a valuable byproduct.

      China wants those byproducts to build a car-nation. Modeled after our system of nation building after WW2 as it looks inward to replace its economic model which is now 65% export driven and unsustainable as emerging countries can do what it does cheaper. The opnly thing holding it back is the price of oil. So look for the that 10 year old plan to build a pipeline to Canada west to become reality soon.

    • I agree,we need a 2 big refineries in ND.My son works in the Bakken for two years now,they have so much oil they don't know what to do with it!!!

    • You are correct. Bakken basin In the Dakota's Williston in Canada, Montana, Utah, parts of Dakotas what are we going to do with the oil. Two tinker toy refinereies for several billions off oil. The enegy man Chu tried to shut the Bakken basin down he found those follks in North Dakota were to tough for him they kicked his rear end out, so Obama shuts down the Keystone project oiline to brinng Canadian Oil down to the Gulf if we had the refineries we could use it all but no way. Building the refineries, pipelines over a million would be hired.

      We do not want real jobs, we want every body working for food stamps.

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      • You are unbelievable, where did you go to school? On second thoughts did you ever go to school?
        I find your thought process to be completely unfathomable and you English incomprehensible, please give me hope, tell me you are an illegal alien or an escapee from a mental institution and I will understand.
        You are not one of those clowns who phone Limbaugh, please tell me no.

      • Obama rejected the Keystone for a reason. Soros owns the railroad which will ship the crude by rail. If we have a pipeline to transport the oil Soros looses billions.

        Almost as bad as Obama sending a billion to Brazil for oil exploration.

        Will it ever end? 8 more months we hopey!

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