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  • killswitch980 killswitch980 May 29, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    13 to 15's we should see again

    I easily see 13 to 15's for F within 6 months to a year. I give a 15% chance in 2 years of it going to 19 but that is the extreme absolute best case senerio. I see more Fords on the road than other vehicles and they are well priced, good looking and very fuel efficient. I think things will slowly get better for Ford as they move forward. Stock is very cheap with eps & pe right here and going forward. Unless the world goes off of the cliff Ford should do well I'd like to think from here. We shall see.

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    • Agree...
      The number that I see as our speed bump is the 11.40-11.44 range...if we clear that within the next 30-60 days...I think we positive quarters we'll be okay -
      I found some buying opps the other day we went down picking up another handfull -
      I will re-check around the Oct timeline - if we're not in the 12-13 range by then...we'll see
      Be safe

    • Hey Smalls --
      Well...wonder where all of the 15 dollar in three weeks posters went -
      Called this mid last month...we would be lucky to see 11's (mid-11's at best) - with a week to go....looks like that's where we'll be at -
      Purchased another load on the 12.50 jan/13 - been able to snap some of them up cheap -
      Did you average down on them ?
      I think we'll be okay in the next 6-7 months -

    • Hey Smalls -
      Just saw your note -
      We BOTH holding same CALLs -
      (I have a 'little' more than a fistfull) -
      I'm positive on them for now -
      If (no miracle) just IF we get two good quarters we'll be fine for at least a push toward the 13-14 range -
      And YES with great news - we're off to the races -
      BUT I'm happy with our slow steady pace -
      ($15 in three weeks - I would do an act in Macy's window for an hour to draw a crowd IF that ever happened!!) -

    • sheikjojo,

      I had sold 2/3 of my (F) shares around the quarterly earnings. (F) usually sells off after earnings anyway but with very poor macro economy it felt right to me. Sold in the mid 11's so I put 1/3 back on today and plan to hold the remaining 1/3 in cash until there is more clarity in foreign markets.

      The investment grade arrival prompted me to buy with only one fist today. I have kept some cash in the other fist to be able to take advantage in a market correction should that materialize.

      I'm generally long (F) but this little trade put more cash in my IRA than the quarterly dividend.

    • you are playoing shorting the box? Holding both positions? I've done and still managed at times to screw myself up w both positions bc I suck.

    • Maybe not both fists but...

      I did decide to buy with one fist today. Still leaving 1/3 of my original position short.

      Looks like best hope short term (F) is at it's lows. However I still hold enough cash on sidelines to take advantage of a marco economics fear sell off.

    • I gotcha you smalls, read you from head to toe. I personally know few that have options next month June puts. Unless, this pulls back, they will make huge bucks if not mid 10 to 11 -they are burned.
      I'm cautious with this run up. Want to believe it go over 11 and then some but .......alot of heavy volume next month. Paranoia or what?

    • Have a fistful of Jan.'13s calls at $12.50 strike which are bloody red at the moment but that is it for options. I'm positive going forward, just not $15 in 3 weeks super positive(maybe get the earnest run in that direction STARTING in three weeks). I don't think we have the broad market support to push Ford through the $13 resistance until then-and I'm not predicting Ford to be at $13 by then either. Hoping for S&P upgrade sooner than later - possibly by end of July and divy bump announcement a few weeks or so thereafter.

      Buy with both fists,

    • Hey Smalls -

      He said it ALL -- miracles upon miracle

      To hit the 15 level you could ONLY count on a miracle -
      We've been here at this party for a long time only to watch what doesn't happen here IS Miracles!!

      I'm shooting way out there and say MID 11's (at best with the next three weeks)

      Let's wait and see!
      Good Luck

    • oh sorry. my fault

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