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  • westervillekid westervillekid Aug 19, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    Bill Maher-Atheist-Donates 1 Mil to Obama-Wants to bring people of faith to their knees


    HBO has perhaps made Bill Maher America's nastiest talk show host. He's also America's most prominent, militant atheist. Now he's made himself the most prominent million-dollar donor to Barack Obama's super PAC, Priorities USA. He broke out a big check onstage in San Jose to advertise his magnanimous support.

    A few days ago, NBC's resident feminist Andrea Mitchell practically needed smelling salts when Santorum super-PAC backer Foster Friess repeated a very old (and equally innocent) joke about Bayer aspirin being used as birth control. This somehow became the scandal of the day for Rick Santorum.

    So why don't Bill Maher's "jokes" now blow back on Barack Obama?

    Obama ascended to the White House on an alleged cloud of positive energy and bridge-building (if you forget all his campaign's nasty commercials and just follow his press clips). Bill Maher is the opposite. He is the epitome of self-indulgent Hollywood liberalism, a man who shamelessly denounces the rest of America as a nation full of idiots.

    But now they own each other. Maher wrote the check; Obama cashed it. Mitchell and everyone else, shouldn't you be asking some questions in the interest of that lost journalism art — fairness?

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    • Was God invented by man? Where did all the gods (past and present) come from?

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    • Fairness? Like that recent Republican hit piece on Obama in Newsweek? Republicans in Congress make all out war on the President for 4 years, then complain about their successes - that jobs bills are defeated or loaded with far-right junk? Or passing anti-Obamacare bills many times just to destabilize the business environment and delay recovery for political purposes? There is now political risk in business investing in the US, just like a Banana Republic.

      People like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers, multibillionaires, have bought the Republicans for their own ends. Yet the Republicans rant on about how other people are betraying the intent of the Founders. Indeed, the Republicans have been captured and have been fighting a second US Civil War for the Confederacy. Would they fight Romney as they have fought Obama? Almost as much, IMO.

      I see that Romney says he wants to shrink the government. Well, Clinton ran a frugal government but Bush II bloated it out. Obama also runs a frugal government outside the stimulus. No one has suggested mass layoffs in the government now because that would cause a recession all by itself. Maybe Romney will and try to blame the results on the Democrats.

      It's hard to know what the voters will really make of Ryan. His version of 'fixing' Medicare is to make insurance companies even richer and significantly shorten US life expectancy. We know that Wall Street would love to get its hands on US retirement funds. If they has SS money in 2008 we would still, after 2008, have older people living in tent cities on rice and beans for life if younger people chose to pay for it. The Street lobbied Congress for years, and got, the ability to buy out retail banks to get their hands on government insured consumer deposits. Glass-Steagal was discarded.

      Be careful of what you wish for....

    • well can you deny the heinous crimes of Catholic church?

      Bill Mahr is one funny guy plus is Libertarian a who is pro-gun, pro-military, etc.

      Listen to the guy- he makes sense but is comedian.

      He gave 1 million to highlight the stupidity and bias nature of that Supreme Court decison regarding unlimited contributions.

      You do realize that paved the way for corporations to run the government thru proxy politcians for their intersets first? both sides use these super pacs and they are virtualy nameless but often vile. Sure politics is a dirty game.

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      • 1 Reply to zelmolives
      • One of the aspects of that not discussed enough is that companies here that are multinationals or owned by foreign multinationals are lobbying their foreign interests in Washington. Many US corporations have essentially moved most of themselves to China and can be under heavy pressure to lobby for China's interests which are now their interests. Wall Street has recycled trillions of dollars in US trade deficits. They are essentially owned or at least heavily influenced by the people who produce so much income for them.

        Former Rep Sen Phil Gramm who wrote the unregulated derivatives legislation that hangs over our heads today worked later as a lobbyist for UBS, the Swiss Bank. Of course he theoretically worked for their wholly owned subsidiary - in Utah. He had the rank of VP though for the subsidiary or the parent I don't know.

        We can legitimately wonder just whose government we have in Washington. Our USA, especially after Bush II, has lost the story of American Exceptionalism. Our story now is just power and running the reserve currency. We can push Democracy or Capitalism/Markets in very few places now because we have these things ourselves less and less every day.

        Romney's real platform is crony Capitalism and plutocracy. That fits the Confederate idea of a plantation economy nicely. Banana Republics in modern times always fail outright at some point, usually because of economic dysfunction sometimes because of incompetence in war. That's the clear direction of the Banana Republicans now in charge.

    • Are man Bill Marer be won of are smarter Democrates peples! He can do no wrong! He be a journalist deluxe and very fair compared to Faux News.

    • Good for him, Atheist's can't be controled by the church state unholy partnership.

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