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  • webber3240 webber3240 Aug 31, 2012 4:16 PM Flag

    GOP old white men= "women, you do what we say"= GOP War on Women

    Intelligent women will NOT VOTE GOP

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    • You are saying women are stupid if they vote for Romney??? Our women in america have more brains than you give them. Eventually we will have a women as president. And it will be republicans and independents that will vote her in. Abortion is a big issue. As a republican like many others I could care less.

      It's their right. Thank god my mother couldn't get the abortion she wanted for myself and two brothers.

      We are all leaders in our communities and took care of her untill she died. She died ashamed that she ever even considered abortion. My father was there throughout our lives. He never let us down like many other fathers in this counrty. Have babies and leave them has become too common in our society.

      So is abortion OK?? In my life it is not. In other cases I feel women have the right. But with one comment

      . If a women does not wan't to be pregnant she should protect herself. Don't destroy a life for the wrong reasons. It's not Gods way.

    • If they don't they will be faced with eventual Muslim law. They (Muslims) are very unforgiven when women and young girls stray out of bounds. Stoneing, beatings and beheading is the name of the game. You need to see 2016 and see how the brotherhood is taking over all middle east countries. Their crusade is heading west. Populate the western world with terrorists waiting for the call to duty. I give it one generation and all women will be wearing Burcas and memorize the Koran.

      We as a country have turned our backs on countries whom had kept their countries from Muslim radicals.

      Iran, Iraq, Egypt and now Syria. It took three Presidents to cause this turmoil. Carter, Bush and now Obamma. We will be fighting for our lives at sometime in the future.

      Every American, unfortunately, will need to arm themselves before you will no longer have the right to bear arms.

    • Society has been degrading since woman has entered it.

    • Oh yes you will, when I put my Taliban rag on my head.

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