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  • toyotasoldier toyotasoldier Sep 6, 2012 10:37 PM Flag

    I wanted to attend the Democrazy Convention but

    Unlike those in attendance, I have a job !

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    • Problem is, if it's a majority, stupid wins every time.

      odama needs the illegal vote to pull it off.
      ACORN lurks in many forms of hep me hep me lordy lord hep me.
      If you're the commander in chief , and your troops are insubordinate to your face!......... you might be a weak pee resident.

      He said nothing tonight.

      Well... he did say nat gas a couple times, I think it was a couple of times............
      ...... I'm not sure, I fell asleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      Like General Yamamoto said: " we have awoken a sleeping giant ".

      Remember Nov. 2010 ???

      Same deal...

      Happy One Year Solyndra!
      Have the chinese bought it yet ???
      They talked about American jobs and made in the USA...... mmm hmmm , as he sold the Willow Run plant to the chinese and AONE was just invaded by the chinese.
      His green jobs set to fail set up by Fu Man Chu.
      That's his plan, that's his Trojan horse.
      He even hires chinese iron contractors to fix American bridges.
      Bloomburg is another commie POS!
      His ex chief of staff Rahmbo, just got the order to instate the " fruits of islum " militia.
      They're a racist hate group odama hangs with/ the black panther/ Farrakhan.
      I can't believe the GPO isn't talking about this.
      Barry's ( that's his real name ) is nothing less than treasonous.
      Holder has blood on his hands and odama knew what was going on.
      Just like he knew children where being burned alive in their churches when his cousin Odinga lost his election....... Google it !!!
      I'd post it , but Yahoo is blocking URLs as of today...... gee, that's a coincidence, odama spoke tonight.
      Now we can't post anti odama URLs.
      There goes our 1st amendment!
      Google Odinga sharia burning Christians alive.
      It's what odama supported, he was there.
      Things you should know, like Harold Koh.
      Odinga and his sharia dogs want a safe haven country Kenya, as a haven for their insane cult.
      Yeah, they burned woman and children alive!
      Odama has blood on his hands as well.
      The fruits of islum marching door to door in Chicago.
      All under odama's orders.

      Go Israel!

      Ex Dem

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