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  • charliehires charliehires Sep 26, 2012 12:16 AM Flag

    Information on Ford

    This board is talking ALL politics instead of discussing the Ford Corporation direction and results.

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    • Fix Lincoln , Ford is already fixed... You sold off Volvo, Aston Martin & Jaguar but you are still selling them powertrains. Let Mullay have full range on Fixing Lincoln & get some classy looking SUV and a Convertible in the Lincoln line.
      Then have Mulally retire from Ford and run for President of the USA. We want a real JOB CREATOR not a Bain Capital hypocrit who did nothing but export our jobs to the far east and has nerve enough not to show us his tax returns for the past 10 years ! THe 47% are going to see he never enters into the WH except by a dinner invitation..

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      • bain capital did not export jobs. Is that what the mainstream media is saying these days because I stopped listening to their lies. Job exports have been worsening with more fed regulations and greedier unions. The Democrat majority Senate has refused to pass any budget or job creation bills from the Republican House. They even didn't pass a budget for 2010 when democrats had the House and Senate then. I wish Obama would have called Harry Reid out. I don't see anything wrong with Romney and don't know who I'll vote for yet. I'd also like to see corruption flushed out of the big defense companies as they rape the common taxpayers. Also make companies more responsible in the public eye like make Harley put mufflers on their loud damm bikes so we aren't woken up after midnight when the bars close.

      • I am sure he would make a great President.

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