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  • hansy4prez hansy4prez Sep 26, 2012 3:35 AM Flag

    Republicans Party of No blocks the Bills in Congress

    A long list of lies. For example, "Fair Pay Act of 2009". In 2009 the Democrats had large majority of both the House and the Senate, so they are to be blamed not the republicans. Also the Democrat Senate has blocked budgets from Republican House and the former Democrat House so Obama didn't have a budget or job creation bills to sign because of Harry Reid. I have many Democrat friends who agree with me on this crook.
    I am neither republican or democrat and don't play the political party game. Who you need to blame is HARRY REID in the Senate. The House was able to do much more good for the nation beginning in 2011 because many who were in there too long got voted out in Nov 2010. Now the Senate needs a cleaning in Nov 2012!!!! Stop playing party wars, tossinanturning, as you look silly.

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    • Actually Boehner and the the Party of No look silly defending all the Rich Corporations and the owners of these corporations that want to STOP equal pay for women! That is the Lilly Ledbetter Act. The GOP is going to find out this November that there are FAR MORE WOMEN that Support Mr. O. then support the 2 R's.. Reject and Ryan.. wait till you have that look in your eye come November 7th that you will have to copmpromise..

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      • Beohner wasn't House Speaker in 2009, Pelosi was. How about pay according to your qualifications, not what gender or race you are? The Senate is what needs to be changed. Fire Harry Reid and his gang as he has blocked good legislation from both republicans and democrats in the House. He also is more to blame than Obama for not letting House budgets pass. This is why are debt went up and prices skyrocketed as we know what happens when you start printing more money.
        Obama lost a lot of support even among democrat women because he's not standing up to the stalemate Senate who even voted against his even his own budget. Obama should have called Reid out but he didn't. Women and men want a leader.

    • Bogus. The Dems needed a "supermajority" under Senate rules. Even if they had that any Senator can block an appointment and so on.

      We won't get anywhere without an Amendment to chop the bipartisan Washington Pay-To-Play political financing system, a Founding Flaw and plague ever since. IMO, there was no Jefferson's Wall between politicians and money because of the need to include the slave territories in the Revolution for it to be successful They required corruption and plutocracy to maintain their culture. By the end of the inevitable Civil War the Pay-To-Play system was so entrenched in Washington and the state capitols that it could not be reformed. That essential corruption is a cancer that has hollowed out our country and civic order.

      It must be changed with an Amendment. If we don't do it soon it will be externally imposed as a condition of financing a collapsed USA in time, much as the IMF forces reforms and extreme austerity and poverty for a generation on counties it bails out. It would be constructive to eject the core Confederate culture area also. The US has not been able to develop the culture and economies of the Gulf states in the 145 years since the Civil War. Except for Georgia and Texas, none of the core Confederate states make a living

      It is true that the Republicans are unusually malignant these days. They are not granddad's Republicans - that is, they are no longer Conservatives. They are 3 basic factions - the Confederates, the Tea Party, and the Plutocrats that pay for the rest of it. There remains a small number of Conservatives in the north central states and some Libertarians like Ryan.

      Ryan's Medicare replacement plan would send many billions to insurance companies and has to shorten US life expectancy 5-10 years to make any sense. Ryan is a Libertarian who thinks people should ideally die in net worth order. Romney's platform is crony Capitalism and plutocracy. Boehner's and the House Republican's job for one thing is to insert country risk into US business investment to retard recovery and now to try to delegitimize the Administration offshore though they would reap a whirlwind themselves.

      The corrupt Republicans, here the party of hatred, need to be retired to history like the Whigs and be replaced by an American party. .

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