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  • barry_h18 barry_h18 Sep 26, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    OBAMANomics: I want you to pay HIGHER TAXES. but leave me alone.


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    • Obamanomics. $16 trillion debt. Annual deficits exceed $1 trillion. Among other things, Barry's "Kill Your Health" scheme will be adding trillions to the debt. Record numbers on food stamps. Record numbers on the poverty rolls. Record numbers not looking for work. Record numbers receiving disability assistance. There are over a 100 million collecting some sort of welfare. And, from the BLS: Obama Unemployment Rate Above 8% Longer Than Any Other President Since 1948. Gang Obama's record is pathetic!

      Clearly, the time has come for the American people to FIRE The WH Occupier, Gang Obama and every Democrat across the USA. November 6, 2012, get it done!

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      • There seem to be alot of voters in the country that have a concern about the Obama $4 a gallon gasoline prices. Seems also food has gone up 17% since Obama took office. Electricity, seems that has gone up 24% since Obama took office. Well we have to be honest on that electricity thing. Obama did promise electricity would have to necessarily sky rocket under his plan.

        Guess all those coal miners unemployeed now can become artist and live a meager life on unemployment as promised by Pelosi. Too bad 'Food and Fuel' aren't considered in the Fed's inflation numbers. All those single mothers with empty Obama promises in their purses may want to question how those empty promises will feed, cloth, and keep their children warm this coming winter.

        Another Obama 'Summer of Recovery' has pitifully come and gone. Another Obama 'Winter of Doom' is starring the women and men and children of America in the face.

        Time for a change!

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