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  • smalls_62 smalls_62 Oct 2, 2012 11:16 AM Flag

    share price

    Several things
    1)Manipulation team in place. Stockwhiz ID is linked to a team of manipulating posters from over a dozen years ago on other stocks. One person recognized the team as a group of brokerage/market makers with handing off between each other to avoid competition from each other and keep price under their control.
    2)Short man Crammer and his cronies still bashing the stock repeatedly with a valid Europe and invalid South America theme.
    3)EUROPE has just murdered Ford. Just silly as not only are EPS down but the market is compounding the EU problem by also assigning a low P/E ratio. Spain bailout could be a turning point. Wait and see.
    4)Those F warrants set to expire at end of year.

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    • Smalls... So you're saying Ford is not responsible in any way for the share price? And there is nothing they can do?

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      • There are some things IMO but I'm sure they have their reasons. Many posters here screaming for faster action in Europe but political and union headwinds have been strong and these posters should remember the norm in dealing with union matters is usually no comment by Ford corporate. What little public info released is usually by union to its members. Do these posters think any plans in the works would be handled any differently this time around? Apparently they believe so. I wish Ford would buy out the warrants to kill that overhang but, at this pace, the structure of the warrants will result in little to possibly no dilution.

        My only heavy issues with Ford is the highly leveraged voting powers by the Ford family which may never change and the stock options put in place when Ford was super low PPS. Poison pill in place for several years as they will stave off any unwanted takeover with the 5% ownership rule. Maybe options were a tickler to keep management from leaving in tough times but it was a higher than justified award, JMHO. Europe must turn and the growth plan for China BY 2015 continue. Ford doing just fine in U.S. market will continue to improve. I love how the bears were trashing Ford when Fusion model rollover and Ranger discontinued still netted Ford flat YOY sales. Fusion sales can't come soon enough. Next month sales could be very good as Focus has ramped large YOY and new Fusion comes into the picture.

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      • Over 3 million shares traded over the daily average and it`s only 12:30pm and down about 15 cents.

    • Bring back the up tic rule!!

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